Curly countdown with Ashleigh

Today’s curly countdown comes courtesy of someone I met through her hair…
Allow me to elaborate – Ashleigh is a virtual assistant who blogs over at Dalasini  she was being interviewed on mental health on a site I stumbled across and although the article really struck a cord with me due to my own battles with mental health all I could think was DAT HAIR DOE! (because I think like a 16 year old rapper) But seriously I loved her hair and immediately followed her on all her social media channels because I’m a legit stalker 🙂

Ashleigh has been kind enough to do a curly countdown post (in here witty Ashleigh style) for us so here goes 🙂

5 random facts about you and your hair

– I’m an entrepreneur. I work from home {which is not always cool because in most families this translates as “She can do all the cooking and cleaning because she is home”. One day I told my gran I couldn’t do what she asked me to at the time because I was working. Her response, “What work?”}  In other news, if you need a virtual assistant to take some tasks off your hands, please get in touch.

– I must be doing something wrong because my hair is breaking a lot around the front. Resulting in lots of fly-aways or frizzies across my forehead. It actually reminds me of primary school when all I wanted was sleek hair and all my hair wanted was to mince!

– I’m secretly worried that I will look back at my upcoming wedding day and think that it was not all I wanted or dreamed of. Of course, I know things will be perfect and beautiful, no matter what we don’t think of or have to get rid of so that we celebrate within our means.

– I’m not entirely sure of my hair type and I am not sure that I want to know. I think I’m a 3 something though. Given my personality, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to sweat the small stuff when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. Although I am benefiting richly from all the information out there, I think that hair typing and other bits and bobs within our natural circles, break us down instead of building us up.

– I want to own a coffee shop and tea parlour one day. A friend asked her followers to share their travel goals for the year, and after doing so I felt so inspired and positive. Although people say you shouldn’t share your deepest dreams with everyone, I’m taking a small step of faith by mentioning it in this segment.

4 products or activities you can’t live without

– I’m not sure if you’re talking about hair products and activities, so I will take my chances here and say that I can’t live without spending time with God, and praying. I need to do more of this in the new year and I’m really thankful for how the Lord has carried me so far.

Now for the products:

– Afrobotanics Conditioning Moisturiser – This is my go-to styling product which you can use to detangle and style your hair after washing out your regular conditioner.

– Silk Bonnet – I only got one recently from Silk Helmet Lady after searching high and low (Clicks has them) for one which fit over my head and did not squash my hair. It’s amazing! My curls have a bit of longevity when I use the bonnet at bedtime. I find that it decreases knotting and keeps my curls defined and soft.

– A shower – bending over a basin is for the birds! Though I like to see that I’m doing a proper job of clarifying my hair with shampoo or ACV {the dirty water collecting in the basin is usually a good marker}, detangling or co-washing in the shower is so convenient. Since water restrictions are being implemented now curlies, I would recommend detangling your hair before your shower and using your shower time to wash/rinse your hair so you don’t spend 30 – 40 mins in there. But like I said, showers are great. We’re going to be hunting for our first apartment soon and it’s a requirement that we have a shower in the bathroom. Hehe.

3 Tips for other curly girls

– Do you! Everyone’s hair is different, even if it looks or feels the same. There’s no telling how your hair will respond to someone else’s routine, so create your own and be open to the fact that what is recommended to you by another curly girl, may not work for you, and that’s okay.

– Keep your routine simple. I love my hair. But there are weeks when I really don’t feel like washing or styling my mane. Try to combine steps and refrain from using all your products in one wash.

– Towards the end of last year, I ran out of styling products. My hair was dry and hated me for it. I often say that I don’t have the finances to lead an exorbitant haircare regime. If you follow my first and second tip, it should be easier to budget for the things you really need. And yes girl, for the life of your hair, you will have to part with some money for the essentials. Save yourself the crispy ends and accept that it’s needed just like your other toiletries.

2 misconceptions about curly hair

– Earlier I said that I try not to be strict on hair typing. One of the reasons I do so is because of the hierarchy it creates. I’ve seen quite a few of my fellow naturals comment that those of us with a looser curl pattern have it easy – almost insinuating that the only struggle, is a kinky struggle. Honey, my hair breaks, it shrinks, it does exactly what it wants to even if I manipulate it Monday through Sunday. We’ve all got our issues, there should be no rank.

– As a curly girl, one of the common questions I get is”


Babies, let’s please just respond and say,


– When your hair is in its natural state, it grows the way it was fashioned especially for you. Even though I do twists outs, knot outs, braid outs, roller sets and other things to create different hairstyles, it must be said that we can’t make our hair do anything if we’re interested in sporting our natural crown. As curlies, we need to educate others about the idea of healthy hair and give them a better image of what hair can be prior to or without chemical products. As curlies, we need to understand and love OUR hair so that we don’t try to emulate another curly girl so much so that we think our hair is like hers even when it’s not. That’s when we start using the wrong products, and achieving less with our hair than we could if we just stick to our natural thread.

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