Ella and the Cadbury Chocolate Factory – Plus a video review with Aidan

Want to know why I went to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory? The answer is simple, they invited me, and my momma didn’t raise no fool (I think this might be song lyrics). Honestly who is going to say no to a modern day “golden ticket“? So why did Cadbury invite a bunch of media people into their inner sanctum (allow me to be dramatic)? Well they just launched four new slabs and four more martians and they wanted us to tell you all about it…in a nut shell.


Basically, Cadbury took four of the most loved bars of chocolate (well Astros is not a bar, but you get me) and turned it into big ‘ol slabs of chocolate and then….

They decided to go a step further and introduce one of the simplest “toy collection games”. You know how you usually have to fill these pamphlets with a ton of stickers and sometimes even pay in, just to get your collectible? Well Cadbury says , take four stickers (In marked packs) put it on the pamphlet and hand it in at any participating store to get your hands on one of these adorable little martians…

So what did we do in the factory? Mostly wash our hands, no seriously these people are meticulous about cleanliness. You aren’t event allowed to wear nail polish or strong smelling perfume, men have to wear beard snoods and everyone has to be covered in protective “about to go in to surgery” gear. Then you have to wash your hands more than in the Neonatal unit of a hospital. (Good to know that they are this pedantic, even though I needed to moisturize when I got home).

Apart from seeing how all the bars, slabs, sweets came together we were treated to something very rare to us mere mortals, we each got to design our own signature chocolate slab…

We got to chose the mould, the inclusions (that’s what they call the sweeties and what not) and even name it. The chocolates are due to arrive this week, do follow me on INSTAGRAM to see the final reveal.

What would you guess is in mine?



You can learn more about the Cadbury Story here, and check out below to see which of the four slabs is the winner in our house:


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