Finding your smile does wonders…

Today’s post is late because I was out playing “reporter reporter” well I usually update the night before but wifi issues meant I couldn’t and today I was just too busy.

Playing reporter in real life is not quite as easy as the type I played as a child; asking my family questions and setting up little reports on my computer before printing out news letters, with clipart as photos…
I love writing and finding out more about people, it’s the relying on others that’s the problem, you can never get hold of people, you can never set something up quick enough… in the words of a journo friend of mine, “why cant it be; I ask. you answer. I write.we go home?”
I covered the matric results today which was a baptism of fire.
After three years of being office bound, running around finding stories and filing them before deadline has left me EXHAUSTED.
My previous job left me exhausted too, but an office type exhausted, I bet I’m not making sense ,but wrecking my brain and sorting things out at my desk is different to running around in the heat while time ticks down.
The last one left my brain tired while this one  has me tired in my body, in my bones.
God has always had a way of throwing me in the deep end, testing me and I feel like this might be it.
God gives me the worst case scenario and says…… sooooo what do you think?
and you know what I think? I think I got this, the sleepless nights worrying were completely unnecessary…if I could deal with today every other day should be so doable..
I’d say this journo thing came back to me like riding a bicycle, but that would be a lie because I tried riding a bicycle after years of not riding and I fell on my face, and I certainly don’t plan on falling on my face 🙂
It’s challenging but I’m up for a challenge and I get to come home to my gorgeous boys so no matter how tough the day is it always ends in a smile…
Here’s to finding your smile…. also look big lipped girls can pout too

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