Laser tag in your own back yard (Laser X)

Laser tag in your own house sounds super duper complicated and expensive, RIGHT!!! Well, turns out, it’s not, not if you have Laser X.

Prima Toys sent Aidan and Caleb a Laser X twin set to test out and we all had such a blast with it… (hahahah blast, I’m so funny)

We tested it out and here’s why I would spend the around R600 it currently sells for, as well as the things that annoys me about it.

You should buy this because:

  • The laser tag set has two blasters and two receiving vests, and it is made out of durable material, which is very important if your kids are hooligans who put toys through their paces.
  • It is compatible with other sets, so if your friends’ kids have similar sets they can all play together or if you have three kids you can buy a single game to add to the set.
  • You can select your team or select a free for all mode, super fun.
  • It makes actual sounds and lights up so you get the real laser tag experience – Rob and I even tried it out.
  • This laser tag game can target up to 200 feet which is like 60 meters! that’s super decent.
  • The gun is equipped with a blast power indicator so you know how many blasts you have left – you start off with ten.
  • The straps of the laser vest receiver are so adjustable I could fit it on Caleb and on Robin, and that is a heck of a size difference.
  • The Laser X blaster beams can be bounced off walls and mirrors to hit your opponent!!!

The only downside

  • It takes 3 AAA batteries which are super fiddly to put in
  • You need to plug in your own headphones for the sound aspect and finding headphones that fit the boys has been difficult, okay I lie it’s not difficult, it’s expensive, because inevitably someone will tug at the wire and the headphones will end up in the headphone graveyard

For some more info on this game check out this video of Aidan and Caleb reviewing the Laser X

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