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Hi my name is Eleanor Douglas-Meyers my second name is Alwene but I don’t often use it because I think it sounds odd… I was not that keen on Eleanor when I was younger either as I thought it made me sound like an elderly librarian.
I like it now though.
This blog is a bit like me, all craft crazy, over sharey (I realise this is not a word) and slightly braggy about my booger and monster crazy two-year-old.
Coincidentally, my doctor says I need to lose as many kgs as he weighs; for my liver and my insulin resistance (and for my pants to fit again) which hopefully won’t be that hard as he is not a good eater at all.
I’ve got a great big bush of curly  hair which I decided to embrace and go heat and mostly chemical free, talk about commitment.
I’ve been married to a X box crazy detective since 2008 and so far so good 😉
Starting today I work full time in three jobs(not counting blogging)… three days a week  during office hours I fo design and layout for newspapers and the rest of the week I run my little handmade kids accessories business called Oh!Boy and create for a gifting business called Gifts&Goodies which I run with a friend. I also recently became certified in online digital marketing, hooray for old dogs and new tricks.
I write this blog because I’m a trained journalist who opted out of a formal writing position but still “wants to be read”.
The reason for this random reintroduction is that I feel like I haven’t been very authentic lately…losing my voice a little, like who is this girl exactly? what is her story?
 So I figured the blog recently got a makeover, my life had a pretty big makeover and I am working on giving my body and mind a makeover so why not do a restart post….
Hi I’m Just Ella Bella do come back for a chat over chai tea and macaroons or better yet some crafts and cocktails. 

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