Meat substitutes when considering going vegetarian

Today’s post on meat substitutes isn’t very long, but it answers a question many have asked me this month…

So what do you have when everyone else is having meat?

Last week I shared my meat substitutes for party food… Today it is for the day to day meals…

Honestly I like vegetables. I’m one of those people who seriously, no sarcasm intended, asks “then what do you eat? ” when people say they don’t eat vegetables…. I honestly don’t get it.

I’m very good with veggies but sometimes I feel for something “meaty”

– Lasagne is one of my most favourite dishes ever. Rob’s lasagna is actually the most requested item (from loved ones) when it comes to potlucks so I was bummed that I’d have to miss that. Thankfully that’s not the case. Frys family food makes soy based mince that even had my sister fooled. And she is a hard core meat and potatoes girl.

– For things like salads or pasta where I’d usually have something like bacon to add texture or flavour, I opt for crispy onion sprinkle. I usually get it at Spar or Woolies. It’s just flavoured fried onions that add an extra yum element to meals.

– We did breakfast burgers for the family for my brother’s birthday recently, as it coincided with a rugby match. For this I used Heydendrychs veggie burgers… They were rediculously good, my niece, Taylor (main pic) wanted to give it a go and went home to tell her mom how amazing it was. Made with mixed veg, it’s such a winner.

– I have always loved nachos. Especially with chicken strips, to get around this Rob made nachos with peppers and mushrooms and I actually never need anything else ever again. So delicious

When it comes to meat substitutes the question that always comes up is… “why if you are giving up meat do you still want to eat something meaty?”

I know because I used to ask that question too. My personal answer (and that of some people I’ve asked) is… I don’t hate the taste of meat, I just don’t want to eat an animal. You guys know the reason behind me going vegetarian for October, and if I were to continue I know that meat substitutes would make the journey so much easier.