My life in Google searches

I have not done a “what’s happening in Eleanor’s life incase you cared, but you probably don’t, but it’s a blogger thing to over share so here goes” type post in a while so I thought I would just give you the rundown of my life, now that I am 34 and super mature and stuff…

I did it as Google searches because I’m not super mature and stuff

So here’s my life based on my Google searches:

  1. “Can you die from exhaustion?”

    I suffer from chronic fatigue (not a real diagnosis, but stay with me here) due to having super low iron (my last blood test showed it as 5 when the normal range is 10-30) and suffering from diabetes, depression and anxiety – all of which are linked to exhaustion. I have been so tired; I have missed two parties, an event and a meeting due to just passing out and not waking up in time. True story and that was just last week. I am now on a treatment of iron injections and am trying CBD oil as well, hoping to live my life a little more energized. I haven’t felt this tired since University when I kept falling asleep in public transport – how am I still alive even.

2. “Is CBD oil legal?”

I will be reviewing a bunch of Black Cat organic cannabis products and wanted to make sure that advertising it would not be a felony. I mean yes I can nap in jail, but I’m not really made for hard labour and a life without sushi or chia seeds. CBD oil is legal in SA though, and after checking with my Doctor, I am ready to try out all the things. I found many articles about legalities and this one was most helpful

3. “Why do I give so many damns?”

I care about others opinions way too much…you know those people who give Zero Fs ? Ja , I’m not those people. I also have this annoying habit where I can pick up when people are being mean, sarcastic, self righteous know-it-alls, but it tends to affect my views on myself, instead of my views on them. I swear my inner child needs Dr Phil, Oprah, that Super Nanny woman and a nap (did I mention how tired I am, good, cause I am)

4. “How to stop my cat from drinking my coffee?”

If you follow me on social media; A. thank you, you are awesome B. You would have noticed that we have a fur baby now. A black cat named, Star. He keeps trying to drink my coffee though, and I don’t reckon that’s okay. He is about 5/6 months old and rules the roost. I mean he will sit on your face to wake you up to feed him. Rob says that it’s just nice to have a “kid” that actually eats. He is so adorable (the cat not Rob); pitch black, and full of kitty cuteness. Aidan says he is a Purr’son

5. “Can you go through puberty at 34?”

My skin is so oily, my hair is falling out, I’m a right mess, even my lips are peeling and nails breaking. All of these things are linked to my low iron, but flip it’s not cool at all!!! I’m hoping the CBD oil I am testing will help with this too… I’m really not used to this sh#t show that is hitting me right now. I mean I am already having to exercise regularly and eat healthy just to stay chubby (my meds do not a damn promote weight loss) so having healthy hair and clear skin were supposed to be like my trade off you know. But nope, nopedy nope.

6. “Did I go through a time warp?”

Aidan will be six this week (5 April 2019) which is impossible as I just brought him home like 18 days ago. He is a full on person now, with his own struggles (a perfectionist with very high expectations of himself) he is a great friend and cousin (although he and Caleb can fight about the most ridiculous things this side of Trumps wall, he has even admitted that he doesn’t know why Caleb gets to him) Aidan is such a blessing. A sarcastic, smart mouthed, over achieving blessing.

7. “Does the free in freelance confuse people?”

A client of mine has decided I don’t deserve payment for work that I have done. I won’t disclose too much as I have not decided how I am taking this further, but I can say that it is hurtful, sucky, and messes with your budget when someone owes you money then turns around and treats you like a swindler.

So ja that’s me right now. I know it sounds like I’m complaining a lot. And yes I am.

But I am actually pretty happy, I’m blessed with great friends and amazing family and for every booo I get I get like 5 whoop whoops. Life is not meant to be automated and easy, I mean how boring would your chats over gin be if it was?

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