Our kiddies curly hair routine

I often get asked what I do with Aidan’s hair, what the “trick” is with it.

The trick is, his dad has wavy hair his mom has a fro and he got stuck in the middle with a curly fro.

The great thing about Aidan and his hair is that he loves it. Growing up I don’t know many boskop/bushy haired kids that actually liked their hair but he does. He calls it big hair and isn’t very pleased come hair cut day.

I try to keep it trimmed but he is only two (well going on three) so who cares really…he doesn’t have morning inspection so I just let him have a boskop.

This is how I treat it (keep in mind these things are done under protest because: “leave my hair mommy”)

–          Treatment:

I have a mix of coconut oil and olive oil that I use on my own hair, on days his hair is dry I put it on his hair before a bath otherwise it acts as a quick shine serum

–          Cleansing

I believe in cowashing curly hair and only use shampoo on my own hair when there is real build up. Aidan loves sandpits and rolling around outside, his cousin also loves rubbing things in his hair so it gets dirty quicker. I make my own cleansing cowash by mixing let’s say a tablespoon of tresemme naturals conditioner with half a teaspoon of organics kids 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. I tried it once because I was afraid the 2 in 1 would dry out his hair and I haven’t looked back.

–         Styling

Aidan doesn’t care for styling much. He actually just won’t let me touch his hair much. But when I do,  I use a small amount of Aunty Jackie ‘ s curly custard. To wake up his curls (I don’t wash every day) I sprits with water and a dab of Aunty Jackie. A bit of my oil mix adds shine.

2 thoughts on “Our kiddies curly hair routine

  1. Laura says:

    People ask me this about Kiara's hair. For a few years now shes been doing it on her own. She plays around with different stuff and has found a routine that works for her. She struggles some days with it but yesterday she actually let it hand loose and it was so pretty!

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