The Roger Murtaugh marriage/business motivation

Wondering what on earth Lethal Weapon’s Roger Murtaugh has to do with my marriage and my business? Or perhaps you just clicked because Roger Murtaugh sounds vaguely familiar…

Well, I’m going through yet another life change and Roger Murtaugh has been keeping me focused.

Roger Murtaugh is the older African American detective in Lethal Weapon. In the movie, he is played by Danny Glover and Damon Wayans plays him in the series reboot. In both versions, Roger is married to Trish, a successful businesswoman (author/attorney). Her career elevates their standard of living way past the usual detective paycheque and reference is made in both versions of the Lethal Weapon.

Roger Murtaugh

The link in my life is that I am married to an equally straightlaced detective. I am no Trish but it has become an inside joke for Rob and I. He really believes in me (bless his heart) and every time I feel like I’m drowning in life he hugs me and tells me that he believes I’ll make him Roger Murtaugh one day.

He tells me that one day he is going to be a detective in a car so fancy he will be accused of accepting bribes because just like Roger, “he is married to a powerhouse, who is going to upgrade the whole family”.

It’s a weird reference but it means so much. When he has to keep Aidan busy because I’m working AGAIN, when he has to carry more than his weight around the house due to extra projects or has to drive me around because of my night blindness/dislike of driving. He looks at me and says it’s okay I’m claiming back when I’m Roger.

When I resigned from my 9 – 5 I feared that I was making a bad decision for my family. What makes me think that I can help carry us on my own steam without a company permanently paying my way.

The Roger Murtaugh thing is a silly inside joke but it motivates me so much. In the three years, I have been self-employed I have had numerous wins and numerous losses. I have changed my clients and job description quite a lot. Because contracts end, jobs change and projects finish up. But mostly I’ve grown and evolved and I’m beyond grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given and I’m at a very good place as a freelancer right now.

Today my life changes again. My week is subdivided differently…

Mondays – blog/Admin

Tuesday – in office design

Wednesday – in office design

Thursday – home based newspaper work

Friday – SM planning for new client

-my mornings and evenings are for blogging and eventing and hopefully, weekends are for my friends and family

It’s an adjustment, it’s scary! but when your husband is so confident in you that he is picking out colours for his hypothetical Mustang you can’t help but feel a lil badass…

Do you have an inside joke/reference/activity with a loved one that makes you feel ready to take on the world?

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