super easy eye-spy bottle DIY

Aidan is home from school for the holidays, WHAT am I supposed to do with him for so long, hehe.

As I work from home (with needles, scissors, blades, PAINT) it is rather important to keep him busy so I will need to get creative! I made a eye-spy bottle, or as he calls it a “find bottle” and it has been a hit.

This is it, a rice filled bottle with bits and pieces floating around and you
shake it to find a specific item
get a plastic bottle or jar (needless to say you need to be able to see through it)
collect little bits and pieces from around the house
you will need rice too, it’s not pictured, but I trust you, hehe
Take a picture of the things you will use and print it out
(mine are random but you can go for a theme)
Also if your child can read you can write what they need to find instead of taking a picture

Add rice and your bits and pieces to the bottle, I  did mine; rice, items, rice, items
for distribution purposes.
I then stuck the picture on using contact plastic (wow I love that stuff)

Love the concentration on his face, he used a whiteboard crayon to mark off the things he found
The best part is I just used tape to seal the bottle so can replace bits and bobs whenever I feel like it  but he can’t get in there, which is awesome because I don’t feel for a mess:)

You can colour the rice like I showed you HERE just leave out the eucalyptus

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