Are you feeling “the other kind of broody”?


I want a baby!!! Slow your roll “I told you so’ers” and “finally she came to her sense’ers”

I don’t want “a baby” I want Aidan as a baby. He is growing so fast that it’s freaking me out!

*totally singing I want my baby back, baby back ,ribs from Austin Powers for some reason*

I think part of the “broody” feeling I’m having is that I woke up and there was a big kid living with us.


A potty trained, own snack making, self-dressing, back chatting kid. One who tells me that “Just because”, is not an answer and insists on doing everything himself.

He asks a thousand questions a day and wants to know the meaning of words and also how to pronounce things correctly.

“You speak with your mout, mouf, mouth… am I right mommy? mouth?”

“what does peculiar mean?” “does singing come from the same place as talking”

All this big kid behaviour has me missing his babyhood. I miss the goo goo ga ga, the cuddling up in my arms to sleep.  I miss him letting me dress him and getting to decide what we do without an argument.

I miss carrying him around in a baby wrap and even miss waking up in the middle of the night to breast feed.

People always say “they grow up so fast” and I always took that with an eye roll because, duh!

But oh my word do they ever grow up fast, one minute you are googling tips for teething, and the next you are making a dentist appointment. One minute you are breastfeeding, the next you are cutting the crust off a sandwich.

It’s amazing the things you miss, I almost cried when I realised that Aidy is now completely potty trained. I still haven’t taken his changing table out of his room because I don’t even know how to process the need for a “big boy room”.

Three and a half is an odd age, still so much baby but so much big kid.

I now find myself savouring the little things. If he wants me to carry him I do because it could very likely be the last time he asks. He asks me to cuddle up and watch Hotel Transalvania? I will change my plans to accommodate him because I never know when I will become “soooo boring” instead of his “best friend”.

Watching them grow up is magical, amazing, but oh so bitter sweet…

What do you miss the most about your babies being babies?

3 thoughts on “Are you feeling “the other kind of broody”?

  1. Melissa Javan says:

    I held a family member’s 7 day old baby last week and I missed that. Really, I’m not ready for a second baby but it felt so nice to feel that. And I remember how I “ooohed” and “aaaahed” when she could finally hold onto things like a round fruit or sit on her own, lol

  2. Melissa Kerridge says:

    My baby will be 4 months on the 20th.. I’m already feeling as if he is growing up too fast… So I can only imagine how you must be feeling…. So I am holding him a little longer… letting him take naps in my arms… ignoring chores and just taking in each and every moment… After all… it’s the “small” things that add up to the big things …

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