10 African children’s books you need to see

So why do I have 10 African children’s books in the first place, well, firstly I am African, and secondly I won an awesome prize earlier this year. A Read Aloud Magic Box set aimed at encouraging reading aloud in the home and in the classroom. Our set is for kids aged between 4 and 7 and included 12 beautifully designed books filled with adventure-filled stories set in Africa.

These African children’s books are available for purchase separately and I simply had to share our favourites…

10 African children’s books you should get your hands on….

  1. Handa’s Hen by Eileen Brown

A beautifully illustrated book that teaches about animals and counting through the story of a little girl in a rural village trying to find her grandmothers hen. (R130)

2. Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Brown

Similar to Handa’s hen but this time fruit that the main stage, a delightfully sneaky way to teach numbers. (R140)

3. Hi Zoleka by Gcina Mhlophe

Set in a small rural village this is the story of a little girls anxiety about talking in front of a crowd. It is sweet, motivating and the pictures are lovely.

4. One round moon by Ingrid Mennen

A heartwarming story about a little boy becoming a big brother and the fear he has that he is no longer as special to the family as he always was. Set in a rural village with amazing imagery.

5. Mama, Papa and Baby Joe by Niki Daly

A fun read about a family shopping trip, a lot of familiar imagery thrown together with nonsense words and a sweet rhyming story. (R95)

6. Charlies House by Reviva Schermbrucher

Set in Gugulethu this is the story of a young dreamer who dreams of building his own home after watching builders in his community.

7. Ouma Ruby’s Secret by Chris Van Wyk

This story comes straight from the Authors childhood and you can see the nostalgia, it is a sweet story about the love a little boy has for his grandmother. The visuals in this are closest to my own childhood so it tugs at the heartstrings (R110)

8. Nyabura waits for the bus

A story about a little girl traveling to see her grandmother and how the community rallies around her to help her get to her gran on time, it is also available in Afrikaans (R100)

9. Lyle the Crocodile by Dianne Stewart

The story of a Crocodile with a toothache and the unlikely place he gets help. The book is available in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu. (R120)

10. Soon by Timothy Knapman

Technically this is set in India, but it’s and elephant and we have elephants here, so just go with it. It is a beautifully illistrated journey of an adventure shared by a little elephant and his mom showing how she teaches and protects him along the way (R250)

  • In the interest of honesty, I do really love these books. Mama Papa and Baby Joe was a little too silly for us though. Aidan prefers cartoony type illustrations and these stunning painting are a little lost on him, but hoping the barbarian will get some culture in him. His favorites are the Handa books by Eileen Brown because he is obsessed with numbers

One day I dream of writting my own African children’s books, you reckon you will support this craziness?

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