A new home for my mind

My blog has a new look 🙂
Why? well because my life has a new look.
It feels in many ways that since Logan died my life has gone into technicolour. My highs are higher and my lows are lower, in general everything is just more and I thought my blog should portray that, it should be more and show off all the aspects of me. 
The overwhelming heartache that comes from losing my son, the happiness that comes from spending time with friends and family, the joy that comes from my relationship with God and just my views on everyday life.
I love fashion, I love food, I love photography and I love being able to share my life with so many amazing people, I also love blogging; it’s put in touch with so many great people. (Just wish more of you would comment here and not just on twitter and fb-I love being able to interact with readers-also please leave links to your blogs so I can check them out)
Heres the format I’m hoping my blog will take:
(Inbetween general chats and vents and finally finishing this picture challenge eventially)

MONDAY: my weekend in pictures
TUESDAYS: News day (anything in news that moves me)
WEDNESDAY: Web day (what ever I’m liking on the interweb)
THURSDAY: Her day (her is me and its DIY, Pics – anything Im into this week)
FRIDAY: Food and fashion (resturant reviews from me and hubby and the Sal’s VERY POPULAR collages)
SATURDAY: Outfit posts (Im not making promises on this one)
* Well this is my mind’s new home, welcome 🙂

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