Curly Countdown with Simóne Human

Today’s curly girl and I have often been mistaken for sisters (probably because we are both short and have big hair) and I don’t mind one bit. She’s stunning! talented and has the type of spirit that makes you automatically comfortable in her presence. Here are her tips and tricks for curly locks.

5 random facts about you or your hair 
  1. I did not always love my curls. 
I spent an inordinate amount of time since I was a teen trying to coax my curls into submission with an arsenal of straightening irons, serums and relaxers. It is only after turning 30 that the self-acceptance on the whole came (including my truce with my hair). I now am fully appreciative of them. 
  1. When I wear my hair natural it doubles in size from wet to dry, leaving me with an afro that easily resembles Diana Ross’. 
  1. I get my regular trim of my ends from my mum. (Love my Warrior Woman Mum!) 
  1. My curl pattern is somewhere between spiral curl and wave. 
  1. I hate washing my hair! (Lol) Always have since I was small. I think it has something to do with the combing out of kinks. 

4 products or activities you can’t live without 
  1. Aunt Jacky curly custard. This stuff stuff is seriously the bomb diggity. I cannot live without  it. It leaves my curls moisturised, shiny, soft and defined.
  1. L’oreal Extraordinary Oil shampoo and conditioner. 
This range is specifically formulated for dry hair and leaves my hair smelling wonderful and feeling soft. 
  1. Kair Strengthening Silicon Serum. 
  1. My mum’s regular trims (roughly every 6 weeks). 
Not only do they get rid of dry ends but it’s a proper bonding session. I can’t get enough of those now that I’m married and no longer live with my parents. 

3 tips for other curly girls 
  1. Skip the brushing. 
Use your fingers for a natural finish that won’t break the curl. 
  1. Stop fighting your natural hair. 
You’re beautiful as God made you and that includes your crowning glory. Yes, even on the days when your hair is acting like a petulant 2-year-old and just won’t do what it’s told. 
  1. Satin pillow = no ‘swirlkous’. I’ve worn a stocking with satin fibres in it for years but a satin pillowcase is so much more comfortable and you don’t have a wake up regularly through the night to readjust it on your head. 

2 misconceptions about curly hair 
  1. People always assume that I ‘did something’ to make it curl. No love, it’s called ‘just add water’. No miracle potion. 
  1. That curly hair doesn’t shrink. You bet your barnacles it does! 

One thought on “Curly Countdown with Simóne Human

  1. Schandré Barnes says:

    Hey so I took your advise and tried the Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la today for the first time and must say that I am impressed. I usually just leave in whichever conditioner I have and go… But I’m really liking how soft and non-stiff my curls are today. Thanks doll

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