Fitting “me time” into your daily schedule

“Me time” always sounds like spa days and weekends away. Long baths and warm cups of tea while you spend hours wrapped up in your favourite book.

But let’s be honest, how often do you have the time for that. It’s so important though, incredibly important to find time in the chaos of your day to breathe, to centre yourself and check-in with yourself.

“Me time”/a little break in my day became very important lately. With my physical and mental health fighting about which factor will bring me down faster, I’ve had to learn to cut Eleanor some slack. Here are some ways I “treat myself” to “me time” during a busy day.

1. I set my alarm to go off early and do a lay in before starting my day. Having a few minutes to yourself and not having to rush to get your day started is amazing. 
2.I have lunch away from my desk,because I work from home I can make pretty lunches, there is something therapeutic in that. 
3.Set aside some time to read. I used to read in the train to work, now I take a tea break in my day and read a few pages over a cup of something yum... Usually iced coffee. 
4.I watch an episode or two of a kdrama each day. I have it on my schedule, a good laugh does wonders 
5.I take 10minutes a day to check in with a friend. See how they are doing and remind them they are loved 
6.I don't save my nice products for special occasions anymore. So take that aromatherapy shower and cover yourself in nice smelling lotions 
7.I try to fit some sort of physical activity into my day. Quick ride on my exercise bike, a few yoga stretches, even jumping on trampoline with the boys 
8.I put away my phone and create...I prefer small projects like small paintings and line work embroidery 
9.I snuggle with my son and let him read his daily school reader to me 
10.I snuggle with my husband even though we are yet to find a TV show since Shirlock Holmes which we both like 
11.I start my day with fancy coffee because I deserve the treat. 
12.I will lay in my hammock with a meditation clip when I have a moment.
13.I will do my nails and do mini facial. 

I obviously don’t do all of these every day, but life is short guys, we can’t be side characters in our own lives anymore‚Ķ Take some “me time” and become the main character again

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