How TV personality Melissa de Vries deals with self-doubt

As I grow older I realise most people deal with self-doubt, even Melissa de Vries – top of her game, presenter, actress, dancer – type people. Melissa is currently acting in the acclaimed local drama Arendsvlei on kykNET, she’s a hip hop MC, judge and dancer for local and international competitions and has competed on a global level herself, but even this “boskop beauty” doubts herself from time to time.

I chatted to her about what keeps her going and what has motivated her to go from the streets of Blackheath in Cape Town to the international stage.

Melissa de Vries has agreed to give us some self-doubt busting tips as part of a series I started last week, interviewing “Big Names” about the less glamorous side of their lives (Away From the Camera). Last week model and DJ, Kietzn chatted to me about how she deals with anxiety, and this week I chat to Mel

Melissa who you can follow on INSTAGRAM here is also the producer and presenter of a self funded show on Cape Town TV , A Walk with Mel,  which she uses as a platform to showcase local talent.

Sidebar: I yet again have something in common with a celeb, it was the tattoo and lips last time, this time it’s the hair…I’m just saying man, for sayings sake 🙂

melissa de vries

Here are Melissa de Vries’ tips for dealing with self-doubt

  • Firstly I do believe in God and am a big believer in prayer and quiet time
  • I look at my journey, and look back at where I was and where I am now and as soon as those doubts and questions pop in my mind I stop and talk back to it with positive thoughts of things I have achieved big or small
  • Self-doubt sometimes motivates me to show myself I can do something, so then I set new goals for the month and write it down and focus on achieving that goal which will then take your focus off what you cant do but what you can do
  • Have a few things you say to yourself everyday like “I can do this” “I believe in myself” “I am enough” 
  • If you have someone you can talk to and trust share your thoughts because sometimes you just need to speak to someone in order to deal with it
  • Its OK to have a off day, just don’t stay down, pick yourself up, read and watch other peoples stories that can inspire you, set goals in things you love doing and be proud of the small achievements whether it is getting through a tough day or ticking something off your to do list
  • You are here for a reason, your life has purpose so don’t give up on your dreams. The doubts only come because we fear and fear means false evidence appearing real. Its not real. So start practicing positive thoughts because just like  body training our mind needs training too.
  • Feed yourself with positive surroundings and keep on smashing your personal goals.

Remember your story can be a motivation to someone else someday. Keep shining! Nothing I have achieved came from being great, it started small, with a lot of consistency and hard work. Your journey is yours and you do not have to compare it to anyone else – Melissa de Vries

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