Waffle birthday cake and other waffle tricks

I made a waffle birthday cake! Aidan doesn’t like traditional cakes so I’ve had to learn to be creative. Last year he had a donut cake and this year (the year of the waffle) I made a cake using his favourite two food groups…waffles and sprinkles

waffle birthday cake

Aidan’s birthday party was courtesy of Riempies and Monkey Magic PE who heard about Aidan’s birthday fails up till this point and gave us a venue and made it beautiful (the R100 voucher at Monkey Magic still stands for the month, btw). As always I wanted to be hands on and apart from the party packs and party food I opted to make the cake myself…third year running 🙂



We bought Aidan a waffle maker for Christmas. I showed you how to make waffle french toast remember. Well since he doesn’t really like cake I whipped up a few batches of waffles and sandwiched it with white chocolate buttercream icing and sprinkles

Waffle mix:

1/2 cup milk.
1 teaspoon vanilla.
2 eggs.
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted. (I only use two spoons I feel like it’s lighter and fluffier with less butter, but honestly that up to you)
1/2 cups self-rising flour.
1 tablespoon sugar ( I omitted this because I figured it’s sweet enough, actually I always leave out the sugar because Aidan doesn’t mind and I figure it’s healthier that way)

Mix ingredients and use a warm waffle maker to create as many as you need for the height you want.

White Chocolate buttercream icing

140g unsalted butter
280g icing sugar
1-2 tbs milk
1 slab of white chocolate (melted)

Soften butter, add half of the icing sugar, mix with milk, then add the second half, mix in chocolate.


Sandwich cooled waffles using the icing (or any icing of your choice, even some Nutella) and then sprinkle with sprinkles (Aidan and Caleb did this for me)

Decorate the top of the cake to match your party. I printed out some free mini bunting (thanks pinterest) then stuck it to string and hung it on two pretty paper straws

Other waffle tricks from around these parts

Aidan is a picky eating vegetarian (He has a soft spot for animals and we respect that) He is also annoying with most other foods (We don’t respect that so much).

He LOVES waffles he can have them every day and I discovered that I can use this to my advantage. When he was younger he went through a muffins only phase…I then started using pureed vegetables and incorporating it in my muffin mix .

These days I do the same with my waffle mix…I mix up a batch of waffle mix using all bran flour and then scoop in some pureed vegetables,  I also add an extra egg for protein. He then eats it with cream cheese because he LOVES cream cheese.

Sweet potato waffles because parenting makes you sneaky #pickyeater

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When Aidan thinks he is having waffles for supper but it’s mostly eggs and butternut 😉 #momwin #pickyeater

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The pureed vegetables do change the texture so I make sure to blend the vegetables up well and not use more than a heaped table spoon per waffle.

I recently got this Organic Superfood Blend from Faithful to Nature. It is a powdered blend of lucuma fruit, boabab fruit, beetroot, broccoli and spinach  which you dissolve in hot water then mix int things like smoothies or yogurt. It smells hella “earthy” but I find that dissolving it and mixing it with other ingredients means kids don’t even notice THANK GOODNESS!

It works well in the waffles but does give the waffle a pinkish colour which you might want to disguise if your kid’s eating habits are super annoying. I  let Aidy put in a drop of food colouring to make magic waffles (crisis averted)

The mix is R97 which might seem pricey but moms of true problem eaters know it’s totally worth it knowing your kid is getting much needed nutrients



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