My weekend in pics…

So this past Friday one of my oldest friends, Jemaine, (in how long I know her,not age, we are only 5 days apart) celebrated her birthday with a girls supper at Ocean Basket…Mynie and I don't see each other all that often (we aim for once a month, but you know how that does) but when we catch up we always hit it off like we are back in high school, except we dress much better now!


Then on Saturday I had a visit from great friends who I have really been missing now that I'm not at work…Liesl,Robyn&Ryan came over for a sort of impromptu potluck brunch … Robyn and Ryan's ridiculously cute twins, Blake(the boy) and Riley(the girl), made me even more excited for Aidan's arrival…here's a weird thing; everytime the twins would giggle Aidan would kick up a fuss,I wonder if you can suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) before birth?


Anyway I had a good weekend, and just in time as my body doesn't like standing or sitting or laying down all that much anymore…well 25days to go 😀

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