Painful Mondays: Step one in lazy girl fitness

What is this lazy girl fitness? Well today I sit at my desk with sore muscles and tingly skin, the kind of tingly that says, You ALMOST messed up with the sun block application missy.

For the last  five or so weeks this has been me on a Monday and I realise I might have stumbled on a lazy girl fitness strategy, I’ve upped my activity level on weekends in a bid to spend more time outside with my boys, and I think I might be “accidentally” getting fitter.

We have been doing 5km races like the colour run, we have been  climbing dunes and paddling boats, we have been swimming (I am a bad swimmer actually, esp since I am as blind as a bat without my glasses).  And have planned other excursions for the next few weeks.

This was never planned. I just found myself so bogged down with work and expectations that I started saying, hey let’s enter this race and go for that walk. I wanted to get out of my head and subsequently out of my comfort zone.

So yes I am calling this my lazy girl fitness strategy, but it isn’t really. It’s just me trying  to be the change I want to see.

When people ask me why I want to lose weight I always  say (and mean it)  that I want to lose weight so I can be more active, to stop hiding behind giant cover-alls and actually be able to do things with Rob and Aidy.

But with my diabetes and my fatty liver disease (which thank God has not progressed since my last check up , LAST YEAR) weight loss is not easy. So I stopped just sitting here waiting to become skinny and stopped even making skinny the goal (not going to lie I won’t be mad at it if I could fit into a medium again) instead I’m just doing things with Rob and Aidy.

My lazy girl fitness strategy is easy. GET OFF YOUR BEHIND!!! So now every weekend I do something active, every night me and Aidan do yoga and when I am upset I punch my punching bag until kingdom come.

This isn’t likely to give me a #instabod but I feel healthier already. I like hanging out with my boys and I feel like it’s the step in the right direction I needed.

Do you have any lazy girl fitness tips? And more importantly! How do I cure sunburnt lips!

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