Vegetarian Braai Buddah Bowl

Have you ever tried a Braai Buddah Bowl, or did I just make that up? I joined a Go-To Family Recipe loop (check it out) with some other SA bloggers and had to think about what constitutes as a go to meal around these parts.

I decided on a braai buddah bowl because it’s a great way for me to still be involved in family braais despite having given up meat and because it uses up left over veggies (we can’t afford to be wasteful right now) and most importantly I have a version of it super often.

Braai Buddah Bowl

  • olive oil
  • spice rub
  • preferred braai veggies (mine are mushrooms, peppers, corn and butternut)
  • Additional salad ingredients of your choice (mine are cucumber, tomatoes,cheese)
  • Seasoned Black beans (I like to mix oil and spices(simple truth Chipotle rub) in a pan and fry the canned beans a little to get a yummy flavour – the beans are for protein and make the meal go further)
  • Mix your favourite spice rub (simple truth BBQ rub) with olive oil
  • cover your vegetables in the mixture and braai like usual
  • cut up braaied vegetables and arrange in a bowl with salad ingredients and beans
  • drizzle with your favourite dressing, I’m totally cool with just some salt and pepper
  • it’s really that easy and super yum

I know Buddah Bowls usually have a grain in it, but when I do a bowl off the braai I don’t mess with that much….It’s really just two salads (green salad and a bean salad) with braaied veggies made to look fancy

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