Lessons from my first week of being a vegetarian

I’ve been “a vegetarian” for a week now and as a certified expert I thought I’d share some things I learnt.

Ok, I’m kidding about being an expert, I started a month long vegetarian challenge just last week and I flippen accidentally ate bacon, I’m as un-expert as they come, I did learn a few things though.

Things I noticed in week 1…

– Many people get weirdly touched when you say you don’t eat meat, they also like to tell you that they in fact do eat meat and you can’t change that. I was chatting to a friend about that phenomenon and she said that it was because there are a few vegetarians/vegans who will shove their opinions down people’s throats so people tend to be defensive, luckily I have not had that happen to me, the opinions being rammed down my throat are usually of the reproductive nature…HAVE MORE CHILDREN ELEANOR

– Vegetarian options are still pretty dismal when it comes to fast food places… Chips, chips, chips.

– I should have had a cold meat platter before I started this and cabanossi.

– Turns out a large percentage of Justellabella readers are vegetarian/vegan, thanks for the non judgmental support guys.

– Facebook is now bombarding me with vegetarian recipes and I’m not mad at it – a little weirded out, but not mad.

– I accidentally had bacon *shock horror* I had a whole breakfast sandwich and only realised at the end of the day when I was chatting to my friend who then said…. “Uhm that’s got bacon in”

– I’m surprised that there aren’t more overweight vegetarians, I mean cake, pastries, cookies, are all vegetarian and often the only appetizing thing on offer when you are on the run

– They deep-fry cauliflower now, turns out this is general knowledge…. It was new to me though

Fry’s Family products are really decent, I really like the PR lady I’ve been working with and didn’t want to have to say their things suck or be like well at least their logo is really pretty – because I value honesty and all – thank goodness I actually like the products I’ve had so far (check my Instagram and Facebook pages for my first mini reviews)

… Next week I’ll share some recipes so keep an eye out

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