What I do for a living…

As an entrepreneur and full-time freelancer, it is tough to put my finger on just exactly what it is for a living. But people have been curious and who knows maybe you could do with my expertise.

I know some people hate answering this question, personally I don’t mind, it is just not super easy to have a concise answer ready.

Over the years I have added things and subtracted things to my repertoire, so the following list is my current scope of work circa world pandemic 2020/2021. This is what Eleanor Douglas-Meyers does to ensure the WIFI stays on and that there are chia seeds in the cupboard.

I’ve worked as a lifestyle reporter, senior newspaper reporter, videographer, photographer, event planner, had my own range of children’s items, jewelry and I’ve been a social media manager for a well-known brand.

But these days? What do I do these days?

I’m a freelance newspaper layout person

I work with a group of layout people and sub-editors where I do layout and design for community newspapers in the Eastern Cape. I work with such a lovely team and I am so grateful to them. We support each other and assist each other and rush towards those deadlines together- we also complain to each other and about each other, hahaha. Also, they allowed me to work from home during the pandemic which is awesome. Even with the mandatory salary cut most of the world had to take – I am very blessed.

I write

Journalism is my first love. Interviewing people, finding out more about things, really makes me happy. Sometimes I interview celebs like Top SA TV Chef Siba Mtongana  or International actress Lesley-Ann Brandt for publications. I’ve done quite a bit of writing for our local tourism website. I also did some work for Drum magazine and help people with About pages for their websites. Infact…heres my portfolio on Muck Rack if you want to know what writing I do when not here on my blog – saying whatever the heck I want.

I am a researcher

I work as Head of Research for the website Momsays. Here I keep an eye on all the trends in the parenting world and share it with you guys.

I am a content creator

So obviously you know I blog, otherwise how would you be here reading this blog post. But yes on my blog and social media channels I am lucky enough to work with amazing like minded brands. I do video, articles and pictures and help the brands I love reach my audience. I mean I love talking and sharing my opinion anyways so occasionally getting paid for it is pretty darn awesome.

I have a small gifting business

During lock down I started EllaBellaBags . This small gifting business has really kept my spirits up during the lockdown. When my events could no longer take place I needed to find another income stream which I could get exited about. So for the past few months every month I sell pretty bags filled with treats. The treats are sourced from local businesses and crafters and helps me share the love of buying local. I try to keep an eco spin on what I sell and keep the bags small batch. I now courier all over SA and although I only sell 15 bags a month (to keep things exclusive) it has gone so well. I also craft items to go in the bags which makes my heart so happy. I have recently added my own range of shopper bags and aprons through a collaboration with Kaycee Wild  and I’m pretty excited.

At home

I watch an insane amount of K-Drama am a complete BTS Fangirl and am at the mercy of a sarcastic man, a precocious little boy and two needy cats – no one pays me for this though, it’s a value added extra

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