Fun things to do this Christmas – inspired by SA fashion brand HUGIO

Pictures from proudly SA fashion brand, HUGIO’S Christmas launch has got me feeling super festive and I thought this would be the perfect time to share some fun ideas for things to do during the lead up to Christmas.

Last year we attempted a zero waste Christmas, we still have that in mind, but have added “things to do at home” to our to-do list because both Rob and I are working over the festive season, but don’t want to miss out on the festive spirit.

First some background on the inspo behind this post. A new proudly South African manufactured sleep and loungewear brand, HUGIO , has recently launched in time to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season.

HUGIO was developed for the market by Durban-born entrepreneur Chanayé Pillay (30) from Sibaya, who was exposed to the clothing and textile manufacturing industry from an early age.

“Growing up, a love developed from seeing and understanding the process that this, once jumped upon the fabric, was transformed into garments,” she says.

She says the collection was inspired by her family Christmases, coupled with an underlying tone of nostalgia and warmth and that is what gave rise to this list of fun things to do with your family this festive season. Who knows you might even start a tradition.

Fun things to do this Christmas

Spend a day in your PJs

Nothing says the holidays are here like doing NOTHING, not even getting dressed up. Why not spend the day in your PJs just lounging around – imagine the whole family gets into their PJs in the afternoon and just hangs out like that? Christmas PJs tend to be warm but so are SA summers, HUGIO counters this by making their PJs weather friendly “We considered the fact that we do not celebrate the winter-esque cinematic Christmases we’ve witnessed growing up, rather a very sunny South African Christmas. Hence our goal was to provide a locally sourced, locally manufactured Summer range of PJ’s. Garnished with specialized softener washes on our fabrics to elevate your level of comfort.” Their candy cane sets look like loungewear and def gets my vote.

Do your own Advent calendars

This year we have decided to make our own advent calendars for the run-up to Christmas. Instead of the shop-bought ones, we will be buying and wrapping 12 little gifts for each other setting the tone for the season – these gifts don’t have to be expensive, just a little “I thought you might like this”

Do a reverse advent calendar

On the first of Dec take out a box and every day add something to it, non-perishables, treats, even toys and clothes. On 25th you can gift the whole box to someone.

Build a puzzle together

Buy a cool big puzzle and spend a little time on it every night, you can then get it framed and remember the family time behind the decor.

Make your own decor

Why not spend an eve making you own decor. This white clay recipe is ideal for ornaments you wont be embarrassed to show off

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