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When we received a range of Iwori skincare/body products for the last ECmeetup we were super excited because the products are vegan, cruelty free and made with sustainability in mind. Although the products are aimed at women I asked Rob (he’s the husband for those new around these parts, to try it out with me, just for funsies)

I often opt to buy skincare products that all three of us can use, we just go for natural and gentle and then don’t have to have mamma bear, pappa bear and baby bear shelves in the bathroom (obviously some things are bought to our specific needs – and for hygienic reasons[like separate toothbrushes and rollon-] – but in general, we try to enjoy a fuss free existence… All for one and one lotion for all)

Rob initially wanted to know what makes soap female focused anyway, “is it made with rainbows and unicorn tears?”. Which is rediculous because Iwori is vegan and I’m pretty sure animal tears (mystical or otherwise) counts as an animal byproduct… Disclaimer: Rob isn’t being condescending, sarcasm is pretty much our love language.

Iwori products are separated into three platforms fulfilling different needs. Each range is enriched with a powerful, 100% organic key ingredient sustainably sourced from Africa. The nourishing Marula range is developed for normal, combination skin. The soothing Rooibos range is developed for dry, sensitive skin. The replenishing Baobab range is developed for very dry, mature skin. Never tested on animals, the luxurious dermatologist approved formulations are said to deliver superior skin benefits.

We got to test out something from each range… Here are the results, mostly mine, because Rob prefers food reviews apparently.

The products we tested were.

Baobab Replenishing Body Wash

They say:

This replenishing body wash is formulated with 100% organic African Baobab Oil to gently cleanse and nourish dry skin without stripping it of essential moisture. Baobab Oil gives this body wash moisture rich properties leaving skin soft, smooth and feeling more youthful.

We say:

It has a lovely fragrance, fresh and clean smelling and foams up nicely without drying out your skin (am I the only one that finds things that foam too much can leave your skin feeling dry). Rob likes it too but doesn’t think it’s strong enough for the post gym /crazy hot day shower – maybe he should have swapped the unicorn tears for centaur spit? – but I like it alot.

Marula 24hr Nourishing Body Lotion

They say:

This nourishing body lotion is specially formulated with 100% organic African Marula Oil to help nourish and restore moisture in skin for 24 hours. The high concentration of Vitamin E and Omega 6 & 9 in Marula Oil helps to promote smoothness and softness while improving skin hydration.

We say:

Rob likes fancy lotions (talking out of the bathroom here, scandalous, but he doesn’t mind spending on body moisturisers) Me? I’m a lazy moisteriser, I have been known to lotion up only the parts that are likely to be visable outside of my clothes. Rob gives this lotion his stamp of approval and I must admit your skin doesn’t go ashy half way through the day. I did think it takes longer to absorb into my skin than strictly necessary, but that’s nit picking, it’s a really good body lotion and has a cosy smell (smells can be cosy, shhhhh)

Marula Revitalising Red Clay Facial Mask

They say:

This Red Clay facial mask is based on the Umemezi tradition practiced by Xhosa women who use a clay facial mask for protection against the external environment and for cosmetic purposes. This revitalising clay facial mask is specially formulated with a powerful blend of natural Red Kaolin Clay and 100% organic African Marula Oil for a facial detox ritual to help purify, soothe, and soften skin while deeply* cleansing to remove impurities. Mineral rich Red Kaolin Clay helps to absorb excess oil, toxins and dirt while Sweet Almond Oil, Marula Oil and Vitamin E will help to nourish. With a unique calming active to soothe, skin is refreshed without over drying and left feeling more smooth and radiant. *stratum corneum

We say:

You can get like three uses out of this 15ml sachet which is great because it’s not the cheapest of sachet masks. I usually prefer peel off masks but this one definitely does the job. Rob used it too (well I put it on his face while he was playing Xbox and he didn’t stop me) he thinks it takes way too long to wash off but it did make his skin feel less leathery (I didnt know leathery skin was a concern of his) I like it alot it feels luxurious and gentle and the results are immediate and obvious. Soft and moisturised, great if your face needs some extra TLC

Rooibos Gentle Cleansing Gel

They say:

This gentle facial cleansing gel is specially formulated with 100% organic African Rooibos Extract to effectively cleanse skin and lift away make-up and impurities, without causing irritation. Together with Rooibos Extract, Jojoba, Vitamins A, C & E as well as caring Glycerine, this soothing formulation helps to purify and cleanse without stripping skin of natural moisture, revealing clean, refreshed, soft and soothed skin.

We say:

The packaging annoys me, I always get out more than I wanted to use. Otherwise it’s great. Its not harsh in the slightest. Feels a little like washing your face with baby shampoo, very gentle yet affective. I found that because my skin can be oily at times this face wash doesn’t really need to be followed by a face cream it’s like a Co wash (when you wash your hair using conditioner) for your face. Robs opinion (my face feels washed) isn’t super helpful though.

Baobab Anti-Ageing SPF 15 Day Cream

They say:

This anti-ageing broad-spectrum SPF 15 day cream, enriched with 100% organic African Baobab Oil, provides intense nourishment to replenish, soften, revitalise and protect skin against harmful UVA and UVB damage. Proven to visibly reduce wrinkle depth, smooth fine lines and enhance elasticity* for restored youthfulness. This 24 hour hydration day cream is infused with Baobab Oil, natural anti-ageing plant actives and Argan Oil to help stimulate collagen production for improved skin tone and healthy looking skin. Use as part of your daily regime for smoother and radiant looking skin.

We say:

Although my skin is getting to the more mature side (my aunt actually reminded me that this year I am officially older than Jesus was at his crusifictuin, soooo) but this didn’t work for me. Rob and I have the same oily face / dry body set up so this was a nope from both of us. It felt too slick and we ended up looking Shinnnnneyyyy (cue the crabs song in Moana) I gave it to my mom who LOVES it though.

– All in all the Iwori range is awesome. When you see a product list that has so many exclusions (like super chemical free) you can get a little nervous like, if none of these things are in here what is in this tub? What is it even? But the range works as well if not better than any other skin/beauty brand I’ve used and it’s so much better for the environment…. A win from us for sure.

The price range seems to be between R59 and R160

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    • Zelda says:

      Love the detailed and quirky review. Thanks Megs (and hubby). Bought some of their products today. Happy to support local and cruelty-free product ranges!

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