Stylish Steppers unisex shampoo review

We did a unisex shampoo review. Me and my husband did… I don’t even know if the shampoo is supposed to be unisex shampoo. Like does it even matter? Well in our house we are not big on sticking to gender norms…I will fix the plug he will fix the supper, you know, we are very 2017 like that. So even if one shampoo was made with Unicorn pee and the other with Hulk sweat we recon it would be okay to try it out.

But all silliness aside. … Michelle, the owner of local salon Stylish Steppers released her own range of products and let me try out her shampoos…Here is what I thought.

Well what we thought, since we are calling it a unisex shampoo review and all


Firstly I thought, why shampoo? Doesn’t she know that I think shampoos suck! I do use it but so little and so seldom  that a travel size can last me two months. The reason for this is that shampoo tends to be harsh and drying on my hair and it takes forever to rinse out the foam and there are water shortages people.

My friend Ranique from Bigmouth Entertainment was adamant though and so I thought hey lets check it out.

So I tried out the PH Balanced Protein Shampoo  And Rob the Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

We have VERY different hair, he has that Good Hair Chris Rock talks about in his documentary, straight, light brown and good for the “nageslag” (offspring) because  families  of colour (is that a thing?) have unnatural attachments to hair and I have  a rather “kroes draad” (coarse curly hair).  Disclaimer he was a soldier with a shaven head when I met him so I didn’t know he was not  technically #teamnatural, and by the time his hair grew in I was already in love, so it was too late – sorry for the lame jokes,  I am four cups of coffee in.

My shampoo review:

OMW!!!! I loved it!

Like I’m not just saying it because #freeshampoo I was actually in the shower confused. Why is it so soft and gentle, where is the masses of foam? Where is the overwhelming smell?

I really liked it, as in can’t wait to try the other products, liked it, as in whatsapped my bestie to tell her about it, liked it… the essential oils are gentle on your hair but it still cleans so well so that’s a yes from me.

But you know me I have to honest, the bottles are small, like it’s fine for a shampoo, more than fine, but in conditioner that’s for the people who can actually do “pea sized amounts” I am not those people. I actually feel like i should buy 1 part shampoo 2 part conditioner – just in general.

Robs shampoo review:

Firstly he said, it’s alright

So after prodding and insisting he not be annoying he told me that he liked it , but as he suffers from build up and dry scalp (weird combo I thought)  he would need to try it a couple times to come to a proper conclusion…

The conclusion:  he really likes it, there is no product build up and it feels light and gentle enough for him to use it daily (which he does) it doesn’t do the job of his dandruff shampoo but then again it didn’t claim to. It does really help with the itch and the dryness and  means he doesn’t have to use the harsh dandruff shampoo daily and that is a win.

Both products smell great and I am so chuffed that it is a PROUDLY PE product.


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