The best affordable foot care products ( for every mood)

Foot care products are not exactly rare. There are aisles of the stuff, rough scrubs, gentle scrubs,luxury scrubs, soaps masquerading as scrubs, meanwhile TLC don’t want no scrubs (If you get that you are giving away our age) and we haven’t even started on the lotions yet. A while back Oh So Heavenly sent me some product to try out and I’m finally here with my view on three ranges of foot care products.

It took me a while to formulate this review because I wanted to give each of the foot care products a fair chance… I thought it was interesting how each range had such a different feel to it, from scent to packaging and decided to divide it into my main three “job titles” … Wife, Mom, Boss

The wife range

Oh So Heavenly Sole Retreat

This product is light and floral it has a girliness to it in both packaging and product.

I tried out the Sole Retreat 3 in 1 Pedicure Cream which is pretty much like the 3 in 1 face wash but for your feet. I love that it can be used as a pampering, leave-on mask, exfoliating foot scrub or deep cleanser. The product is enriched with intensive coconut oil for softness and hydration but it does not smell overly coco-nutty, just a little tropical. This isn’t an extreme scrub, but works well for feet in need of some TLC.

The Sole Retreat Pampering Foot Soak is a great addition to the range, something indulgent to throw into the foot spa you got for mothers day but never get around to plugging in. The coconut water and hibiscus scented soak washes away surface impurities while coconut extract and Epsom salts help to soften and soothe achy feet. This one is a favorite for me as my diabetes is not very kind on my feet.

You finish your little mommy indulgence with the Sole Retreat Indulgent Foot Butter. The creamy formula is designed to intensively replenish and soften skin. It absorbs fairly easily so you can actually put on shoes after (don’t act like you don’t know that slimy slip some foot butters leave you with)

These products range between R26 and R37 which is really a steal.

The mom range

Oh So Heavenly Sole Therapy

I call this the mom range because it is such a family range (it’s my favorite of the three). It works for the whole family from your Bae to your baby and its much more medicinal than floral in scent and formulation.

In this range I tried the Foot & File Hygiene Spray. This is formulated to revitalise and protect your feet from odour with a watermint fragrance. After a long day, spray it on your feet and leave it feeling cool and refreshed. Which is awesome for young and old after a hike be it through the bushes or the much scarier mall.

The Sole Therapy Heel & Callus Balm is not like any other balm I’ve tried its very thick and not lotiony at all. It is formulated with 40% skin softening ingredients; a marine minerals complex, shea butter and 25% urea to soften and intensely hydrate hard, dry and cracked heels. Used regularly, this balm should help to prevent hard skin and calluses from forming and promises softer heels after just 7 days. The texture of the balm put me off initially but I soon found that there’s method to their madness and it definitely softens your feet.

The Footspa Heavy Duty Foot Scrub Sole Therapy is a rougher exfoliant than the rest, it buffs away rough spots and lifts away dry, dead skin using environmentally friendly, natural Pumice. (you guys know we try to be green around here)

The real MVP in the range is the Sole Therapy Footspa Odour Control Foot Powder. I don’t know how little kid feet can stink the way they do but flip! and also girly pumps don’t always smell as cute as the look. This everyday hygiene foot and shoe powder provides 5-in-1 benefits to help leave your feet fresh and odour free. It helps to prevent odour, deodorise feet, effectively absorb perspiration, protect against germs and refresh feet. The fragrance is also rather pleasant which is a big bonus

These products range from R20 to R30

The boss range

Oh So Heavenly Sole Repair

There is something about this range that says luxury and practicality you know #likeaboss. Not only is it slightly more expensive than the other ranges. The scent is delicate and the product feels very nourishing.

I’m this range I tried the Sole Repair Footspa Exfoliating Foot Scrub which is not as heavy duty as the Sole Therapy range but is also more rich and creamy. It exfoliates with natural Pumice and Shea Butter, effectively exfoliating without stripping skin of vital moisture.

I also tried the Intensively Nourishing Foot Serum. This fast absorbing and hydrating foot serum, moisturises and replenishes dry feet without leaving an oily residue (you know, no sliping out of your sandals) . Enriched with 15% shea and hyaluronic acid, the lightweight yet intensive treatment will help to lock in moisture and nourish skin leaving feet feeling cared for, soft and silky smooth.

Have you tried any of the Footspa ranges from oh so heavenly? They are Beauty without Cruelty certified which is a double win. Which one is your favorite?

One thought on “The best affordable foot care products ( for every mood)

  1. Enricoh Alfonzo says:

    I love the foot butter so much! it really feels like heaven when applied & has kept my heels smoothed out everyday. I need to get more actually! if you have a contact let me know lol im indian after all. always looking for “the deal”

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