What I learnt about the girl code #Awomaninprogress

What is the girl code even? Is the bro code just a figment of Barney Stinson’s  (How I met your mother) imagination? And the girl code of mine?

I think it exists we just don’t put a name to it…

When I say girl code I’m talking about the unwritten rules that say things like…

1. When you see a girl with a red stain on her pants you give her a heads up

2. You never let on to your friends significant other that you know about their latest fight

3. You talk your friend up in the presence of haters

4. You balance each other when it comes to mutual friends…”so and so did this, am I crazy for being offended”…without fear that so and so will come to hear of it

5. You borrow each other an accessory or a dress or a whatever but don’t point it out in public

6. You delete embarrassing pics/screenshots your friend sends you

There are loads more…It’s about assisting each other looking out for each other and not doing umbrella impersonations by throwing unnecessary shade.

It’s the corner stone of friendships and society and of not being a k@k person.

I’ve had a few painful experiences lately.

The niave Disney Princess that reigns over the friendship part of my brain was rediculously confused by all the hate she was seeing around her. I almost ran off to live in a forest where bunnies clean for you. Because apparently I’m not a good judge of character and also the girl code died.

But then I looked at my life and realised that despite bad experiences, I actually have a kick-ass support system and know quite a few women who chose to leave the mean girl thing in high school with rollo gloss and popcorn based lunches.

I spent last year women’s day with a bunch of women like that, at the #Awomaninprogress event.

#Awomaninprogress is an organisation run by the awesome Lorelle from Scarlette Raes 

Their mission is to provide a safe community and platform where women from all walks of life and backgrounds, come together to share their personal stories of perseverance and victory, with the hope that these stories will inspire, encourage, motivate, empower and give hope to women.

She is hosting another event this year so if you are looking for women who adhere to the girl code check the attached info sheet.

5 thoughts on “What I learnt about the girl code #Awomaninprogress

  1. Kerry says:

    Loved this post and totally agree that there is a girl code and we need to make it more of a thing because we need to have each others backs.

  2. Lorelle Campher says:

    Love this Ella. It’s exactly what the #AWomanInProgress Campaign is all about. Thank you Ella. I’m super excited about this year’s topics on being empowered and empowering others. Going to be GOOOOOOD… xxx

  3. Sofia the 1st says:

    I bought tickets for another ladies event on th3 same day but I soooooo wana come man !! I love Caleigh!!!

    Recent events had me almost go back to my “I’m a guys girl” kinda girl who’s besties consisted mostly of male school buddies or colleagues or even male cuzzies coz girls mos now forgot the code , thing is though, sifting through mean girls to land up with a hand full of gems is pretty worth it. I have friends who had a major fall out in our group, but when one lost her parent we were all there focusing on things that matter and that to me was beautiful.

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