Is the Moroccanoil treatment worth the hype?

I received a  Moroccanoil hamper as an event/press drop recently and I could not wait to try it out. Moroccanoil is one of the sponsors of an amazing museum benefit coming up this year (will be sharing details real soon) and I support anyone who supports my metro.

So although it’s not something I would usually pick up I was eager to give it a whirl…

Disclaimer: the bottle of hair oil is glass so don’t literally give it a whirl okay.

The reason I have not bought the Moroccanoil treatment before is, quite frankly, the price tag.

As a freelancer my monthly income differs. I am sushi one month and tinned fish the next and I’m not too keen on my hair developing expensive tastes. I usually draw a hard “do not cross” line at R200 for a product. I can’t be getting a sugar daddy just to take care of my edges over here.

However! I hate to admit it, but even though I had to put on my “I’m so used to fancy things” face on when I saw the price tag I think it’s worth the hype…

Let’s start with the cons…

– The ingredient list has things on which I can’t pronounce which usually means it’s not chemical free

– The bottle is glass and it houses oil…I keep wondering when I’m likely to drop it and replay my whole Rain Africa lotion glass bottle crashing in slow motion scenario…I have PTSD I swear

– It’s not cheap (around R560 for 100ml – shout if you have a better hook up)

The pros

– I’ve been needing an oil for my notoriously dry hair and it seems to tick the two main boxes, it actually absorbs and it leaves a bit of a sheen which no other oil seems to do for me. Even my beloved  Kimberly Grace Oils of Origin  was not holding up to my needs this winter.

– It  has a  super light fragrance which is great because curly girl products tend to have tropical smells and for someone who battles with sinus issues, the less smells the better.

– It leaves my hair feeling silky. Well silky in terms of my hair type. I’m not suddenly Eva Longoria in a wind tunnel, but my hair is soft to the touch and there is not a great amount of build up…not that I’ve noticed.

– It helps with fly-aways and excess frizz. Afro chicks know frizz is a part of life, but this tames the mane a bit.

How I use it

– I use a pump or two on freshly washed hair. I’m going through a finger coil stage so I use it before coiling with my product of choice.

– I also coat my hands in a little oil when fluffing out my curls and breaking up my coils for a less defined look

my morocconoil treatment Verdict…

The price had me eyeballing the product, but it’s already quite clear that this bottle is going to last me quite a while (provided I don’t drop it). so if it’s R600 and lasts me six months that only R100 a month and totally reasonable. My hair feels better and the drying time seems to have decreased just like the bottle promises. Also I have some shine FINALLY!

So yes it’s kinda worth the hype…

Disclaimer: this review is based on how the morrocanoil treatment worked on my specific hair type and curl pattern. Please do share your own experiences with the product in the comments

4 thoughts on “Is the Moroccanoil treatment worth the hype?

  1. Simone Cameron says:

    I had a tiny 10ml bottle of this stuff and it lasted me FOREVER! I am sure this may last you a lot longer than 6 months, unless maybe you use it every single day. Very light weight and nourishing. I really enjoy their products. But ya…das expensive!

  2. Andrea Thomas says:

    I believe in this product! Have been using it for years! Also…… my Hairdresser/Stylist is amazing and makes my hair look like it’s gone on vacation every single time I leave her chair! I have been chemically free for 9 years! It’s expensive yes but so worth it and does last a long time!

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