Parenting myself … because I deserve better

parenting yoursel

I’ve decided that it’s time I become a better parent.

Time I take things more seriously and stop winging it. I’m not talking about Aidan. I’m actually doing pretty okay there *knock on wood and don’t quote me when he messes up*.

I’m wanting to parent myself, because turns out that although I can be trusted to look after a three-year-old, the 31- year-old isn’t doing so well.

The whole “parenting myself” thing came to me last night. Just after rubbing some kid friendly vapour rub on Aidan’s chest and just before packing him a healthy lunch.

It occurred to me that I never take as good care of myself and its time I change that.

My self-parenting list.

  • I make sure my picky eater gets a balanced meal even if it means going to the ends of the earth to trick him into eating the right things.

    When it comes to me I basically eat whatever is easiest, closest and fastest…this does not equate to healthy choices, in fact sometimes I don’t eat, double in fact, microwaved smarties were my lunch of choice for two days last week… This changes today with a butternut lasagne for lunch and I had some sort of a breakfast adjacent meal this morning; so far so good.

  • I am pretty good when it comes to what I put on and in Aidan’s body (but I saw him take a sip of your cream soda lady, yes you did see that, I’m only human) His body products are all natural, skin sensitive and I keep him moisturised and sun protected.

    When it comes to me I SUCK AT BEAUTY ROUTINES seriously my skin care routine is jump in the shower and use whatever is in there already, maybe it’s a fancy gift I got from somebody, something I bought on special, something belonging to my husband or maybe my son, who knows, I just roll the dice and go on with my life. I have decided to try the proper body care thing again…I’ll let you know how it goes, think it’s time I use my  special day stash (you might refer to this as everyday things, but you know)

  • If Aidan doesn’t look too well, he is medicated, doctored, taken to doctor, given toys to play with that help with opening his chest like sensory playdough or rice and faffed over.

    If I don’t look too well, I suck it up and move on…My doctor shouts at me all the time, “take your meds Eleanor”, “Come to your follow ups Eleanor”… I’m older than her she should respect my authority, just saying, hehehe . I intend to be better at this.

  • If Aidan does something good I praise him and I push him to do even better next time.

    I do something good…I don’t know, I mostly look at how I could have done it even better and then analyse the situation till I scrubbed out any inkling of praise. THAT STOPS NOW.

I want to be a good wife, good mom and good person, but this is not going to happen until I start being good to myself!

Be good to YOU guys, you have to put up with you so it’s only fair J

Have a great week!!!

*disclaimer: My parents were and are great so this isn’t me trying to improve on them, just on me 🙂

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