Picky eater…The sneak attack

If you  have visited this blog before you might be aware of the challenges I face with my picky eater   oh the challenges. For those of you who are new here, here is the run down.

– Aidan is 3 years old.
– He is a vegetarian because he says he doesn’t want to hurt the animals. (probably why he is anemic – although, so am I and I eat meat)
– He doesn’t like food with any kind of wet/sticky/chunky consistency.
– no condiments and somehow this includes icing on cupcakes.
– He is precocious and tells me all he really wants is yogurt and crackers.
– Some (many/most even) think me not forcing him is a cop-out. But I don’t believe that I am letting my toddler win, he vomits, cries and shakes if he is forced to eat something – no one is winning
– I no longer force him because I don’t want him ending up on a TLC reality show called – my mother made me hate food and now I kill people (or the like)
– I manage to get him to taste new foods before declaring “it’s so kaka I never, ever, never want to eat it” and consider this a win
– I have a shelf in my book case dedicated to picky eating self help books
– The pediatrician, dietitian, nutritionist and occupational therapist (yes I have taken him to all these people) all believe he will grow out of it

Okay now that we covered this, I know I am not alone in the struggle so I thought I would share how I sneak extra calories, protein and vitamins into his limited diet:

I am BY NO MEANS an expert. I just realised that he is SUPER ACTIVE and would get lethargic.
The dietitian told me that a child his age needs around 1300 calories a day, and I  realised he only gets around 700cals (on a good day where he actually finishes a sitting) so I made it my mission to get more energy into him. I also wanted to decrease sugar intake and up protein.

(this is not everyday it’s just the basic – I got the nutritional value off myfitnesspal)


He used to eat:
Oatees (he eats half a cup dry every morning)
Oros (he loves this drink although it has no nutritional value)

Cals : 170
Protein: 3
Sugar: 8

Now he eats:
Oatees (if it’s not broke don’t fix it)
Solal 24-in-1 Superfruit and Veg drink (It’s a super pricey concentrate but worth it I think)

Cals: 148
Protein: 5
Sugar 0


He used to eat:
4 Provita (apparently he is on a diet)
Melrose cheese wedges (he loves it, I’m not big fan of it being super processed)
Nutriday low fat yogurt (easiest to find)
Oros (he loves this stuff)
Cals: 246
Protein: 7
Sugar 17
Now he eats:
2 slices of bread
Simonsberg cream cheese
chia seeds (I sneak this in…check my instagram for how to do this)
Squillos full cream yogurt
Water with orange slice in (like mommy does)
Cals: 369
Protein: 13
Sugar 15
He used to eat:
McCain oven baked chips around 100g (yes this is it, no jokes)
Cals: 181
Protein: 3
Sugar 1
Now he eats:
McCain oven baked chips 50g
McCain sweet potatoe chips 50g
cup of drinking yogurt
Cals: 338
Protein: 9
Sugar  –


He used to eat:
snowflake easy mix mini muffins (as pictured above) he loves baking-oh the irony
Cals: 141
Protein: 1
Sugar 19
Now he eats:
snowflake easy mix mini muffins but I add coconut to up protein and fibre
apples (this is the one constant in our lives)
Cals: 156
Protein: 2
Sugar 20

Cals: 738
Protein: 14
Sugar 45
Cals: 1011
Protein: 28
Sugar 35
I’m still working on this, adding and taking away food as I can and as he will allow me
I’m pretty chuffed so far though. His well being is everything to me and I finally feel like I’m working in the right direction 🙂
Check my  instagram  to see how I make cheese rolls with hidden chia seeds 🙂


7 thoughts on “Picky eater…The sneak attack

  1. cat says:

    Oh gosh, this is hell for a mom. Not to discourage you but my one little cousin is 9 and still only eats about 10 things – have not outgrown it at all. And she has no sensory issues – she is blackmailng her parents and use it as a form of control over them. Keep an eye out for this – I do not think it's your sweetie but it may develop later and you dont want that.

  2. Eleanor Douglas-Meyers says:

    Thank you for the note. Would hate for that to happen… He just never seems to be hungry EVER frustrates me to heck and beyond. Really hoping that keeping an eye on him and introducing new foods will keep that at bay. But can never be sure *sigh*

  3. Jozi Wahm says:

    Sounds challenging but it seems like you are making headway. 🙂 My son once went through a few months of not wanting to eat anything but grapes and cherry tomatoes so I feel your pain. He is also a vegetarian except for takeaway burgers (which apparently is not meat?).

    I do know of a teenager who still only eats plain rice with sour milk poured on it so it seems they don't all outgrow it.

  4. Zoe Hawkins says:

    “4 Provita (apparently he is on a diet)”
    This literally made me LOL
    So far, Harley is a pretty easy eater since she discovered her appetite… knock on wood!

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