When your preschooler feels rejected…

Rejection in preschooler friendship circles… how is this even a thing? Also how does one handle it.

When your child is young O f’s are given, no filters are installed and they tend to say and do the most cringe-worthy things, like ask you inappropriate questions within earshot of the people they are asking questions about or outright refuse to reply to people who are speaking to them.


But what happens when your child is on the other side of this, what happens when he/she ends up on the rejected list. How do you handle this?

Yesterday we were walking in a mall when Aidy sees a school friend, he runs into full view, screaming the child’s name and waving but no response…The child saw him but NADA.
Oh to watch your child’s heart break in a food court.
“Why isn’t he greeting me mommy”
“Maybe he didn’t recognise you in your Dino jacket”
“But it’s me mommy, it’s me Aidan”
“Maybe he didn’t hear you, it is very noisy in here”
Oh to lie to your broken hearted child in a food court.

Suddenly he is not so sure of his favourite jacket, the one he loves because mommy made it and it “makes people smile and growl, the jacket makes people happy” but now “the jacket” made his friend not recognise him and my sensitive little soul is hurt.

 This is not the first time I’ve seen him rejected…I don’t blame the kids for not giving him the response he desires…they are all under five and are affected by things like lack of sleep, low blood sugar, parents who give juice in red cups when they clearly requested blue…

He is a loner so when he extends an olive branch it is BIG! offering to share a toy is HUGE…having that sentiment turned down is even bigger…

My friend told me recently how her little girl was not enjoying school because the Alpha friend in her group… (there are such things) deemed her unworthy of play time. WHAAAT

You know how my blog posts tend to have tips,hacks, how to’s? Well,in this case, I have none…

All I have is a question…how do you deal with rejection in such little kids. How does one explain to them that not everyone will like them, that some people are mean and that it has nothing to do with them?

Eish I’m 31 and still haven’t figured that one out…HELP

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2 thoughts on “When your preschooler feels rejected…

  1. Saafia says:

    Shame man…my Lil man is guilty of this many times because he’s so in his own world that he doesn’t realise someone is talking to him, but when he wants attention oh does he kick up a storm. Hugs for Aidan, he is too old a soul for that Lil body of his…

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