Make a stinkin cute dino hoodie

I made this for Aidan as part of his “birthday outfit” I wanted something unique and having seen things like this on the net I did what I always do, I simplified it. I can’t be bothered with two day long projects.

It’s a dino hoodie but Aidan insists it’s a dragon one and I guess it works as both. Here is how I did it:

You will need:
A hoodie
felt diamonds of the same size
sewing machine or needle and thread

What you do:


Starting at the top of the hoodie sew  the diamonds in a straight line all the way down
make sure the diamonds touch but do not overlap
I sewed it with the broader area facing out
making sure I go straight down the middle of the diamonds
then using glue that is compatible with felt fold the diamonds into triangles
cut any access off


There you have it! a dino hoodie

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