A fluy third birthday

My angel turned three yesterday unfortunately he was not feeling well AT ALL.
All he wanted was a party at school and although we organised that, he ended up coming home with me because he had a fever and was feeling pretty miserable.
My poor kid seems to have the worst luck with birthday parties… but hey all’s well that ends well… here are some pictures from yesterday.

This was Aidan’s rather unique cake, I wanted something fun, easy to give out to kids and quite frankly, different. I had the cake board with the Toothless made by the uber talented Belloccia and then made Aidan’s favourite donuts with the help of my cousin Kay-lynn.
I love the creepy cute way it turned out


As you guys can see, we didn’t have the happiest camper on our hands.

Since it was a party at school and I didn’t want the teachers or parents to kill me because I induced a mass sugar rush I kept the party pack pretty simple.  Apart from dishing out donuts, all I did was a  brown paper bag with pretzels, a candy necklace, a lollipop and a pixie stick. I added a bottle of water to drink and a bottle of bubbles to take home.  Aidan was very hands on with making these.

I got permission to bring Caleb along because Aidan really wanted him there.
Caleb fit in so quickly you would swear he attended school there, so cute!

The sick birthday boy with his daytime family 🙂

I took Aidan home and let him open the gift I made him…It is a handpainted car mat with building blocks to create his own little town. The mat has a drawstring to turn it into a bag and was quite a hit with him.
I also made his dragon hoodie by sewing felt onto his jacket and he actually ran up to me and gave  me a hug when he saw it.

I tried to make the day special even thought his temperature kept rising and he was feeling rather miserable. So although he couldn’t really stay for his own party I made his favourite meal of oven baked chips and we shared chips and juice while watching Disney Junior and he opened his gifts.
His cousins all came over the evening but he wasn’t really up for his own party and says he will play with his new toys tomollow

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