What I think of the OH So Heavenly Beautiful Curls range

I recently tried out the OH So Heavenly Beautiful Curls range. It’s part of my “what on earth am I doing with my short hair” plan.

They sent me shampoo, conditioner and balm as a gift and I thought it would be great to share my views on the brand new range.

OH So Heavenly Beautiful Curls Shampoo

They say: Remove build up & hydrates for defined curls with healthy shine, with nourshing Shea Butter & Amla Extract

I say: Thick and creamy (easily confused for conditioner, so keep an eye on the label) with a coco buttery smell. I’m not big on shampoos and mostly use Aidan’s pure beginnings shampoo because it gives me the clean feeling and helps define my curls. The shampoo works well, but if I’m 100% honest I prefer the Ohsoheavenly Love Your Colour Shampoo even though the Beautiful Curls shampoo is low sulphate and is better for your hair. It does leave my curls popping though but also leaves it feeling “squeaky clean” , which I don’t really like.

OH So Heavenly Beautiful Curls Conditioner

They say: Hydrates & enhances shine for soft, quenched and defined curls, with nourishing Shea Butter and Amla Extract.

I say: Slightly sweeter smelling than the shampoo, the conditioner has nice slip so works well for detangling. I usually prefer a slightly thinner conditioner because I just have so much hair and thinner conditioners offers more coverage, but this works. It’s a nice moisturising conditioner which leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable.

OH So Heavenly Beautiful Curls Balm

They say: Hydrates & enchances sine for soft, quenched & defined curls* Protects hair against frizz. With Amla & Flower Extract.

I say: The Balm smells great and offers great definition. However, on my hair it absorbs really quickly and I need to use more than I usually do (when it comes to curling products). It leave my curls defined and shiney. The only down side is that my curls seem to have a shorter life span with this than some other products I have tried. So my curls look amazing but for two days max.

Overall view… It’s really good for a drugstore brand and leaves your hair extremely soft and manageable. The curls don’t last crazy long, but my hair feels good… The balm also works with twist outs which is great

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