Oh So Heavenly travel size … test off

I recently tried out the Oh So Heavenly Repair and Care with Argan oil and Royal honey and the results were in Stark contrast to my feelings about the Oh So Heavenly Love Your Colour with Berries and Camellia extract…

I’m going to share my honest opinion with you but do keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you. Hair is fickle and affected by things like climate and porosity and I dunno, star signs? who knows (professionals probably know) any who here are my findings.

I kinda assumed the repair and care one would be amazing for my hair. Im not sure why. Maybe the nut like picture on the bottle made me think “natural” fellow natural girls know how we gravitate to all things gold and brown and with references to “you could probably eat this in a pinch”.

The same with the scent, it has a Caribbean holiday smell. Like how I assume it smelt in the hotel where Stella got her groove back.  But Alas! I was not a fan.

The shampoo made my hair instantly dry and straw like. You know when you put shampoo in your hair and instantly are like…uh oh

The conditioner was “alright” but I get the feeling that it would have been better without the shampoo. It’s kind of like meeting a friends obnoxious boyfriend (shampoo) even when your friend (conditioner) pulls you aside and tries to smooth things over and tells you not to pay too much attention to their bf, you are already annoyed at this point so no matter how nice your friend(conditioner) is, the experience is already spoiled.

Basically what I’m saying is the shampoo is NOT FOR ME and the conditioner is okay, it’s very thick and creamy and could be good post swim, but it shouldn’t have to work so hard to make the shampoo acceptable.

The Love your colour however…it smells of berries and preteen angst. Hahaha. It smells sweet and girly is what I mean. I don’t know if I would have reached for it if it wasn’t in a goodibag but boy am I glad I did.

I often use it to shampoo my hair. I don’t use too much because I’m not a shampoo fan. A little goes a long way and my hair doesn’t feel straw-like after a wash. The shampoo I use these days is the Loreal Elvive Low Shampoo because it’s so very conditioner like but the Love your colour is still a staple in my travel bag and for when I need a good clean.

The conditioner smells sweet too. I don’t like smelling too sweet (maybe it’s because I have always been small so rebelled against looking or smelling cute – I don’t know but I’m not a fan of smelling like Barbie’s dream house) this berry smell is pretty okay though, nothing too annoying.

It’s got good slip and I’ve used it as a leave in when I was in a pinch and it made nice ringlets. I wouldn’t do it all the time because of build up but I must say the conditioner is nice and great for your beach bag…

So the verdict is that judging a book by it’s cover was a major fail for me and id pick the love your colour over the repair and care in a heartbeat.

Which scentsations variant do you like? Which product surprised you?


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2 thoughts on “Oh So Heavenly travel size … test off

  1. Sarette Barnard says:

    Thanks!! I always wondered about this brand’s hair care products. Guess where I’m going after work…


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