Healthy snack ideas

I have some healthy snack ideas for you guys…because low cal doesn’t have to be dry Provita and lemon water.

I mean I like Provita (with Marmite, yum) and I won’t say no to a slice of lemon in my water but, we need diversity…

Fruit and veg mix

Mix chopped carrots, blueberries and cucumber a bowl with some chia seed and fennel for a yummy treat


Make some popcorn in the microwave with the brown paper bag method and top with one of the following:

honey and cinnamon, smoked paprika, herbs, powdered cheese, cocoa, peanuts and raisins, dried seaweed.

Apple treats

Slice an apple into rounds, spread on a nut butter of choice (anyone else remembers when peanut butter used to be affordable? seems so long ago now) then sprinkle on some raisins

Savoury fruit

Mango goest well with some paprika and salt, orange slices are delicious with some chopped up red onion and parsley and a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper, you can add some honey for a flavour boost. Watermelon slices with a balsamic reduction and some feta are super yum.


Try out this recipe for guilt-free chocolate pretzels, it is super yum I promise.

Seed bars

The sugar content on this isn’t ideal, but it is super easy and super yum, also it is still less sugar than most commercial brands and is great for taking along. Also, it is a four-step recipe – and we love easy

  • These are just some Healthy snack ideas I thought I’d share, keep an eye on my social media for more

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