Guilt Free Chocolate Pretzel Recipe

So with the diabetes diagnosis came a lot of life changes…some good, like fitting into pants that wouldn’t even come up past my thighs a few weeks ago and being more health conscious and some bad like the lack of baked goods, man I just want to stick my head into a donut! (is that a thing?) I’m resourceful though so I have come up with a few recipes that are not too bad like these “sugar free” chocolate covered pretzels


Here’s how I made the chocolate pretzels…

I used the Clicks Smart Bite Range because it tastes good, mostly sugar free and you can always get it on that 3 for 2 sale, this is not a sponsored post but if any of you want to sponsor me, I do take candy (sugar free) from strangers…

What I used:


Smart Bite Pretzel Knots

Smart Bite Sugar Free Milk Chocolate (they have dark and white too, any one would work)

What I did


I broke up the chocolate and melted it in microwave for a minute


I put the pretzels on a plate



Then using a spoon I put a dollop of chocolate on each pretzel

I let it set and I was all set… I used this for three snacks (portion control baby)


So awesome with a cup of coffee… talking about coffee did you see when I covered coffee beans in chocolate?

If you have a sugar free recipe for me to try PLEASE put link below …

check out the video for this on my INSTAGRAM


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