How to make popcorn in a brown paper bag

Do you make popcorn in a brown paper bag? It’s the norm over here to such an extent that I’ve taught my 5-year-old to do it. I know he is “a baby”, but I’ve been teaching him to be self-sufficient since he was an actual baby… Why stop now.

popcorn in a brown paper bag

It’s ridiculously easy, but since you clicked on this post I’m going to guess you don’t already know how to do popcorn in a brown paper bag thing, so here goes…

– You need a brown paper bag (I use the smaller sized ones like about 15cm by 5cm) I like them for portion control and because they are like R11 for 50. Paper is also biodegradable which is a win, but in the interest of honesty, I use one bag a few times and then it ends up helping to start the braai.

– Popcorn kernels. It’s so much cheaper than buying the microwave brands like by 500%. Keep in mind my math skills aren’t the best, but it’s a big saving. I store mine in a glass jar to keep it fresh also I really like glass jars.

– I place 2 tablespoons of kernels in the bottom of the bag and then fold the top over twice. Very small fold think 5mm, twice so there is space in the bag for popping.

– Microwave popcorn in a brown paper bag like you would normally microwave shop bought microwave popcorn, for us that is 3min30sec.

– Season: I use the popcorn seasoning you buy and it works fine especially if I sprinkle some on while it’s still warm. But I know some people like to put a teaspoon of oil before popping to help with seasoning sticking.

So yes that’s how we make microwave popcorn at a fraction of the cost of shop bought packs…

4 thoughts on “How to make popcorn in a brown paper bag

  1. Michelle Leslie says:

    So now I’m going, uummmmmm yes, why on earth have I never thought of doing that. Seriously 😀 I love popcorn and can’t stand the ones in a bag you buy at the grocery store. It’s got all kinds of “msg stuffs” I don’t understand. And I’m kust too damn lazy when it comes to washing up that I hardly ever make popcorn on the stove. Brown paper bag popcorn is a brilliant idea.

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