Kimberly Grace Professional…The Good, The Bad and the Meh

I was super excited to be included in the Kimberly Grace Professional Product research group. They sent a bunch of South African women products and asked us to be honest – You guys know I’m big on honesty when it comes to reviews because I don’t like to waste my money or my time, and I don’t want you to either…. I got a bunch of products and here is what I thought of them individually…

Kimberly Grace

DISCLAIMER. What worked for me might not work for you and also the other way around, this is based on my hair here on my head.

Before I say what I thought of the products can we just have a moment for the packaging.

Super luxe, like if this  falls out of your gym bag as you make a rush for it out of gym and then have to chase down your detangling brush at the elliptical machine (oh, just me?) Well you won’t mind if this falls out because, clearly you are all kinds of fancy and only use THE best.

So what is Kimberly Grace Professional? A  high performance range of hair care products formulated for multi-textured hair.  The cellular science of skin care combines with loads of gorgeous nutritional ingredients (vitamins, protein, omegas and gorgeous oils) to restore damage, accelerate growth and promote healthy scalp and hair.

I’ve included the price which is on the site today (March 17, 2017) these are subject to change.

Growth Shampoo (R135)

I just turned 32 so I might be too old to say this but I will… THIS GIVES ME LIFE!  It really works so well, I don’t usually like shampoo but this is different, it manages to be gentle on your hair while leaving your hair feeling clean and smelling great. I like having that squeaky clean feeling on my hair without it feeling dry and the growth shampoo gave me that.

Replenishing Growth Conditioner (R150)

This one was a bit of a fail on my hair, it just does not  really work for me, with my dry easily  tangled hair type I feel like I need something with way more slip. After conditioning my hair I like it to feel soft and manageable but I felt like I’d need the whole bottle before it works.

Transitions (R235)

This one is AMAZING! It leaves hair feeling soft and rejuvenated. Honestly my hair feels so great after using it,  it’s formulated to help with damage from chemicals and heat, and it shows. The texture of the product is great and I realy like the look of the packaging.

Oils of Origin (Price not on site)

This is AMAZING my hair is really benefiting and looking healthier LOVE LOVE LOVE I use this every day and it has improved the overall appearance of my hair so much. The sad heart breaking part is that this fell over on my side table, I came home to an oil slick and a empty bottle…I’m SHATTERED

Turnaround Conditioning Spray (Price not on site)
Like the oil of origins, this stuff is AAAMAZING, it is perfect to get a few more days out of a hair style, it is light, smells great and does not cause a build up. It really softens and although my hair is not okay with it being the only styling product it has me getting way more days out of a wash day.
Maximum Growth (R160)
Honeslty I haven’t used this yet, I didn’t want to bombard my hair with too many new things at once and since growth has never been the issue, I did not use this one yet. I must say though the oil feels light and smells super fresh
Total Root Recovery (R180)
Like with the growth serum I did not use this one too often, BUT the oil is light and it improves the overall texture of the hair which is great seeing as it is not really what it is for. I haven’t used this for very long but I am eager to see if it will help with the hair around my hair line which is shorter than the rest.
So overall?
I liked it hey, I didn’t “get” the conditioner and none of the products really work as a “styling” product for me. However my curls are tighter which to me indicates health. So I feel like it has improved the overall health of my hair, the only problem is I can’t tell you which of the products  is responsible for the improved curl pattern…My hair does look good though so YEAH Kimberly Grace

One thought on “Kimberly Grace Professional…The Good, The Bad and the Meh

  1. Amelia Meyer says:

    Your hair blogs are my best.

    I’d love to read a review by someone with the complete opposite of your hair. I.e. my hair – lol. My hair is thin, heat- and colour-damaged, and doesn’t grow, thanks to not having a thyroid. Curls? For what? Frizz? HELLS YEAH! I’m also probably too old to use “hells yeah”. But, I’m trying to get it back to its natural state. This is traumatic and exciting all at once. Who knew I had red hair? Not anyone that’s met me in the last 20 years, that’s for sure…

    I love your reviews, I just wish I had your hair…

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