Kid friendly musical in PE this week

Growing up one of my all time favourite things to do was sing along to Disney classics. You remember those Video Cassette tapes (yes I am old) that featured a bouncy ball for you to sing along with? I LOVED THAT!

My cousin (Che-lynn) and I particularly LOVED annoying everyone by singing along at the top of our lungs (still kind of do). We are now parents to equally (if not more so) dramatic kids (Practically besties, Aidan and Kirsten) so music still sprints in the family.

Imagine how excited I was to learn that The PE Gilbert & Sullivan Society and PEMADS are presenting a family show entitled Music!Movies! Magic! A show set to  bring together  local talent to perform hits songs from children’s movie classics!!!

Music! Movies! Magic will be directed by Yolande Farrow and Rose Cowpar with choreography by Bennie Gerber and some amazing vocals directed by Ann Yates and Richard Campbell.  With a cast of  28 ranging in age from 7 to 50 something.

Music will be sampled from such classics as Mary Poppins, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King to the recent smash hits Frozen, Tangled and The Lego Movie. They are promising something for everyone.

Music! Movies! Magic! runs from tomorrow (December 16) until Saturday (December 19) at the Savoy Theatre nightly at 7.00pm with a matinee on Saturday.

 Tickets are on sale now at all Computicket outlets at just R70 for adults and R50 for children

(Rose Cowpar on 072 906 1977)

Belinda Davids; the woman behind the tribute

Congratulations to Nicole who won the tickets to the Internationally acclaimed Whitney tribute show taking place at the Opera House this weekend!

My mom and I are excited to go!!! even more so after I got to ask the awesome performer, Belinda Davids a few questions. I mentioned in the PREVIOUS POST that PE born Belinda beat out over 15,000 other applicants to take on the challenging lead role. This time around I got to ask the beautiful mother of a teenager and a preschooler (this might be tougher role actually) what it all meant to her… here goes.

OH!!! you can follow Belinda on Instagram 🙂
her hair is EVERYTHING

Have you always been a fan of Whitney Houston?
Since the first time I heard her voice on a Teddy Pendergrass LP.
I fell in love with the purity in her voice
What made you audition?
My friend called me one morning and told me he sent out 25 emails to director of
the show and he reserved a spot for me. He convinced me to pack up my three
month old baby at the time and go and do the audition. Which I did and the rest is history.
Do you remember your first time on stage as Whitney?
I never tried to play Whitney ever before until now. I always just sang Whitney as Belinda but when this opportunity came I had to take it because that meant I could be my    idol in full. So this is my first time as Whitney.
What has been the best and the worst experience of this journey?
There has not been an bad experiences on this journey. Every experience I’ve had  has been a learning curve for me Good or bad in this journey as Whitney. 

* Really hoping to see you guys at the show… Tickets are still available through
  Computicket but don’t delay they are selling like banting brownies at a Tim Noakes rally (I’m so funny….oooooh brownies)


 *Disclaimer: I received tickets to the show for review purposes

Baby under construction shower :)

As promised here are some of the things I made for my sister’s baby shower….

Mom-to-be, she is to tiny it’s sickening (jealous much)

Using a print of the internet I fashioned these, lanyard style invitations – just print, laminate, punch holes, put in string TADAH
Each guest got a game pack with pencil and print outs of the games we played
I used the usual games but put a construction spin on the look by using good old microsoft Paint
My good and trusty body scrub recipe came in handy as party favors
Some danger tape and hard hats made for quick and easy decor
Food glorious food
The overall look
Aidan’s truck delivered the favors, 😉
Popcorn is a must 🙂

For all the baby mamas. . .Baby Sense Seminar time again

New and soon to be parents are in for a day of top tips and treats at the 2014 Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars taking place around South Africa.
The Seminar will be in PE on August 23 and I’m told those of us who are not that new any more – toddlers up to the age of 18 months- are welcome too.
 Meg Faure (Baby Sense co-author), Dr Claudia Gray (paediatrician), Sr Ann Richardson (Toddler Sense author) and Tina Otte (midwife and special editor of Your Pregnancy magazine) will be giving expert advice and survival tips for those hectic first few weeks and months of parenthood.
The morning Baby Seminar will cover the following topics: stimulating your baby and toddler, your baby’s health and sleep solutions.

 The afternoon Birth & Newborn Seminar explores calming and connecting with your newborn, birth with sense and newborn basics.
While Johnson’s Baby massage workshop will further enhance bonding with your bundle of joy, with an interactive demonstration of some hands-on massage skills.
It’s a day to be spoilt and to mingle with other pregnant and new moms while au pairs look after your babies. Walk away with an awesome goodie bag worth over R800 and stand to win amazing prizes including a Stokke Scoot Travel System worth R13 000.
Every new mom deserves a day out with people who “GET IT!”  also who doesn’t love a goodie bag. So don’t  miss out on these info-packed #baby101 seminars! 
Book now online  or call (021) 671 3245.  Cost per seminar is R240 and R80 for the massage workshop.

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So I’m learning to make balloon animals :)

Did you know I can make balloon animals, well technically I can make, a dog, a elephant, a bird and a flower, which is a far cry from when I could only make things like sausages and worms…
Why do you ask? Well because I have always wanted to know how and because I think it would be a pleasant addition to my son’s first birthday party….
I know I have been all ho hum lately and that is just not me, so I thought I’d share some pleasant news J
Any regular blog readers would know I LOVE LOVE “WISH IT WAS MY JOB” LOVE planning parties/get togethers … funny enough I’m not big on hosting I just want to plan and step away…
Right now I’m in the midst of planning things pretty close to home … here they are in order of date…
-It’s my turn to host the mommy’s get together lunch…everyone is coming to my hometown for snacks and cupcakes and chats about everything , and I mean  EVERYTHING! I find you can’t do too much different with a picnic for 10 moms and their busy body baba’s , but I’ll add a touch of me to it, because I can J
-Then it is my niece Taylor’s birthday, her mom wanted to do something small yet pretty for her little princess and we have just had the biggest blast looking at ideas to bring a little “royal tea-party” together. It’s going to be held in our front yard  with the emphases on “tiny royals” Tay is pretty easy though, she’d be happy with a cake and a pretty dress, but we are trying to amp it up because she deserves it.
-Then the one that’s giving me a little stress, my own baba’s 1st birthday party, we going with a barnyard picnic theme and I’m super excited to share this momentous occasion with all our loved ones…. I’m thinking little picnic baskets, farm themed foods and a jumping castle, but mostly just family hanging out  and thanking God for this amazing year J Yes there are  practically three more months to go, I like to be prepared, hehehehe
*Will post tons of pics*