Since we last chatted…

This weekend taught me that I’m really not happy with my current size! Photos can be so hurtful I swear!!!
But I realised I’m actually looking a little better than previous hurtful photos so I feel energised by that and I’m very ready to take on the “bring back the fitness” challenge.
I also realised how lucky I was to find Aidan’s school…it’s not everyday that you will find a dedicated principal dressed up like  Tinkerbelle. His school (which I initially chose because it is so diverse and I wanted him to understand that people were different – his teachers are Christian, Islamic and Rastafarian and his classmates come from every creed and culture) has proven to be such a blessing! They are always going the extra mile and showing my boy such love.
It also came to light that Aidan is loved by his classmates and he loves them right back. A fellow parent and I had our hands full trying to separate him and a friend who decided to “fight going home” by hugging each other so tight we couldn’t separate them!
This weekend I realised that Caleb is not a “baby” anymore, he is so ready to “play with the big kids” that we have to keep an eye on him CONSTANTLY. He is such a bonus in our lives. Full of joy and laughter and the bond the two boys have is such an amazing thing to see.

Here are some pics from our weekend:

Caleb feeling like a big boy on his push bike
Aidan learn’t to ride his bike this weekend, So proud!
Taught Aidan how to play LineUPfour and he proceeded to beat me – the shame!
Aidan’s school had a Disney/super heroes themed big walk so I decided to paint t-shirts for Rob and I
This was before Rob got too sick to join us
Super fun at the big walk…do note me and my sister in our capes
Kirsten and Taylor came out to support Aidan on his walk – he got so naggy I ended up walking with him while he waited with my mom at the start – I HAVE NO WORDS
And then half way through the day he got into the spirit of things
and then wouldn’t leave
My boytjies
He couldn’t believe his luck
After the big walk we all headed over to my cousin’s place for a swim
Taylor’s fearlessness scares me half to death!!! 
Oh how we love the water

Chat soon peeps πŸ™‚ 
am I too old to make peeps work? 

Our weekend in pictures

My niece Taylor had her 7th birthday recently and on Saturday her mom hosted one of the cutest DIY parties I have seen in a while. She did everything herself, from the cake to the draping and it turned out lovely… LOOK

The birthday girl and her creative mom

Purple hair, copy cats and fancy dresses

I had a rather eventful weekend so thought I would share it in pics πŸ™‚

On Thursday my youngest cousin came over to keep Aidan busy while I worked
They decorated biscuits with coloured coconut and it was quite a hit.
Check out my instagram for how I made the coconut
On Thursday I also decided to do a purple colour wash, so yes I now have purplish hair πŸ™‚
Caleb came to hang out for a bit
Then that evening two of my cousins came over and we sat outside drinking wine and doing nothing – DOING NOTHING FTW
The doing nothing was short lived, as I had a ton of sewing to get through.
So the next day, Robin took Aidan to the local pool so I could get some work done
He was quite upset that Caleb could not join them so insisted we set up a “pool” for them to swim at home. These two are just too cute together (when they are not fighting)
Seriously how cute
My Christmas present came early πŸ™‚ Rob Got me a subscription to Little Black Bag and I’m looking forward to what comes next
I finished off my Christmas rush orders this weekend !!! But naturally Aidan needed to be set up with work . This is basically how I get things done, give him tasks to complete like beading or lacing and we “work together”.
YEAH!!! ready for delivery
My cousin, Nicole, had a red carpet themed 21st party on Saturday evening. Loads of fun!
We had a sleep in on Sunday morning… Totally missed church, oops
I did some meal prep for the week, This is spinach, mushrooms, bacon and cheese that will become
my breakfast for the week.
I’m trying to eat bigger breakfasts so I am less inclined to eat the world at lunch
Aidan’s imagination is beyond cute right now, he is always on some mission and builds tools for himself out of legos. Yesterday he built a robot to fight bad guys and then turned the robot into a coffee machine and served his dad and I
Oh I added something fun to my office/studio space wall.
Good to remember!

The weekend that was

I had a pretty packed weekend! Working and fitting in events are what makes this time of the year both amazing and down right exhausting!!!

First I went to the first Curls in the City event. OMW it was so amazing to have breakfast with people who just totally get the whole curly girl struggle!!!! Everyone connected so easily and then and there signed up for the next event. I will do a run down on what I learnt for this weeks Curly Quest post. That will be on Thursday because that is usually my wash day so it feels right πŸ™‚  Please look out for that. I said a few words at the event (hahahahaha a few, probably a lot, I babble when I’m nervous and get nervous easily)

I then met up with bloggers Luchae and Ruth for some coffee and cake. We chatted about our goals and fears and what we want from our blogs and other external ventures in 2016. We also did a favourite things exchange.  I LOVE THESE: Everyone brings their favourite thing of under R30 to share with the group so you go home with everyone’s favourite things!!! How awesome is that πŸ™‚


Stole this pic from Ruth, My favourite thing is the beaded bracelet(which I made) and lip icing from Oh so heavenly
and our resident nail guru Luchae gave us this awesome nail polish πŸ™‚
awesome cup and handmade magnets from Ruth
I’m holding her to her promise of teaching me how to work with Resin πŸ™‚

It was my good friend Lyndal’s birthday so we went by hoping to score some cake because I was totally #carbsFTW this weekend and now hate myself πŸ™‚ It was so weird to see how big all our kids have got. Honestly can’t believe how time flies

I gave myself a little break from work yesterday, I put on yoga pants and CHILLED the whole day.
This came after Aidan asked me if all mommies work so much and I had to stop myself from crying. The Oh!Boy Christmas rush combined with general “end of yearness” has kept me so busy I would be sewing while I’m watching him in the bath. So I decided to give both of us some “me time” and just chilled eating frozen grapes out of my fancy new cup and listening to him tell me stories.
The evening we did letters to Father Christmas we also set up a large pass the parcel for a Christmas party at our church. I explained to him that the sick children needed extra love this Christmas and it really warmed my heart to see him be excited to make up the pack for them even grabbing items from his snack drawer and giving some of his playdough (his all time favourite toy) to the “sick babas”

how to eat frozen grapes


Pants for what


We played a matching game because he loves “playing games”  


Pass the Parcel fun

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Weekend recap…the year she is ending

There are a few things in my life that signal YEAR END!
Firstly it is our annual family Christmas party where all my dad’s siblings and their kids and now their kid’s kids get together and hang out for one last time before every one goes their separate ways.
Then there is the Uitenhage street carnival which as a child you waited for every year, this definitely signals; holiday’s approaching.
Also what says year end quite as loudly as schools closing.

All of the above happened this weekend and I can officially say… 2016 see you now now


LAST SHOUT OUT, my mom and I at Whitney tribute