Let Littleworld help you give your child the world (R20 000 bursary competition)

Imagine winning an R20 000 bursary for your child’s’ education!!!

School is expensive! There is the stationery, the uniform, the extra murals and that’s not even touching on the actual fees and the fundraising so you’d be silly not to be salivating at the idea of winning Woolworths’ Littleworld bursary competition.

Honestly, this is something I would LOVE to win.  Aidan – readers of this blog might have noticed – is a very precocious child. He loves learning way more than I thought possible, just the other day he told me that he thinks its amazing that there is something to learn from everything you do and everyone you meet – even teachers, hahaha. Hearing those kinds of words from my 4-year-old means that education is always on my mind. I want to give him the best and let’s be real, that often means money money money, so winning some would come in pretty handy.

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