DIY Paint markers for kids

I made DIY paint markers for Aidan using empty roll-on deodorant bottles. It’s all part of trying to declutter a little. You know how we are always crafting at my house?  Well my husband says we are actually always making a mess – we are very different people the two of us…think of the movie Yours, Mine & Ours and you have Rob and I – So I thought I’d try to play a little neater with this project and create a minimal mess set for Aidan’s Craft Box.


To create my diy paint markers I needed to decant Aidan’s finger paint into something that wouldn’t spill and the paint wouldn’t get mixed into four little brown blobs, because the rinsing of brushes between colours thing has not caught on.

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Kid & wallet friendly places in Nelson Mandela Bay

I’m a Nelson Mandela Bay girl…my heart is in Uitenhage and  Port Elizabeth and I make no secret of it. Yes I’ll fly somewhere else (I get car sick, it’s not pretty) but ultimately here is where I like to hang out. I especially like wallet friendly places

If you are planning on visiting our neck of the woods, you can easily do so on a budget, start by getting your plane ticket with cheap flights and then visit the following budget conscious places.


I’m listing seven kid and wallet friendly places to hang out in Nelson Mandela Bay because one day is not nearly enough to take it all in.

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Laughing at my three-year-old and beating him at games


Is three too young for tough love? Honestly I’m not sure BUT I do use my own version of tough love on Aidan, and so far so good.

Aidan is a smart little bugger. He understands much more than I expected of a three-year-old. An old soul I think.But at the end of the day he is still a “baby” everything is still so new to him and I figure its up to me to teach him that actually, sorry to say, the world doesn’t revolve around him.

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Playdough party favors: a quick how to

For Aidy’s party I opted to give out lil gifts instead of the traditional sweetie filled loot bags (most of the kids don’t really eat sweets anyway-energetic enough thanx) I wanted something that was usebale and fit the theme – oh and something that was fairly easy to make…. so enter they basic playdough jars

I bought some plastic honey jars and stuck toy farm animals on the lids (see picture) then I used the best ever no cook play dough recipe (with a dash of vanilla essence for great smellingness) and made a batch (I lie its like 5 batches-what was I thinking inviting 32 kids?) for extra cuteness and to make sharing into jars easier  (with the help of my cousin) I made the green basic playdough into little balls, add a thank you for coming tag and TADAH! cute little thank you gifts…

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