Day 5 (6 places I want to go)


I  don’t really have a list of must visit places, but I’ll try…..

1.  Jamaica, I’ve always wanted to go there, no clue why really … I usually braid my hair for travelling because it’s sooo much easier to handle, I don’t have to worry about as much as a brush, but don’t think I’d do that if I were to go to Jamaica, I feel like it’d look like those people who come to South Africa with safari suites, like I’m trying to fit in a bit too much.

2.  Brazil, I’ve been there before when I lucked out and the Sao Paulo Fashion community liked my fashion writing and invited me over for all expense paid fashion week (best time EVER!) want to go back with Rob though.

3. New York, because I want to have a sex in the city weekend in the place sex in the city was filmed.

4. Greece, Rob and I are into Greek mythology so it’ll be great to see where it all started.

5. Hawaii, because who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii

6. Paris, because IT’S PARIS!!!!!!!!!

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