DIY Hand Warmers

Looking for a quick and easy craft, why not try these hand warmers for those cold mornings…Super cute and quite easy to do….

hand warmers
I initially made this for a competition but that has come and gone, the DIY is still super usefull however. I often make it when I want to add a little something extra to a gift or a care package.


1. Scraps of warm material (I used old pair of jeans)
2. Basic sewing kit
3. Paper to make stencil
4. Pencil


1. Get your supplies together
2. Cut out the shape you want from a piece of paper – I went for hearts because they are cute-duh!
3. Transfer design onto your material
4. Cut out shape-two hearts per hand warmer, but sure your guys figured that out , hehe
5. Sew the the hearts together with your favourite stitch in thread of your choice-I used red because red and blue look good together
6. fill with rice and sew up – uncooked rice naturally


Now just stick in microwave for 30 minutes and you are on your way to nice warm hands…you can even stick these in freezer and use as an ice pack 🙂

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