Pinwheels for Catriona (Tutorial)

My blog buddy Catriona over at Precious Impressions was curious about how I made the pinwheels I used as décor at Aidan’s baptism, I promised her a tutorial so here goes:
Square piece of light cardboard, preferably one that is patterned on one side only (I glued some of the servietes I used for his party on one side of card to create the two sided effect)
Double sided tape
a detail for the middle , I used buttons as it is my not so secret obsession
How to:
1.       Fold the paper diagonally to create a cross shape coming in from points
2.       Then lightly fold points in to meet at centre
3.       Cut on the first fold stopping at the second fold
4.       Fold alternate corners in and stick down with double sided tape
5.       Add your detail
I made these on sticks in bouquet and at the end of my bunting so they are made to be stationary, if you want ones that actually blow in the wind use a long drawing pin to go through the centre and attach to a stick ….

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