Real Wahms of SA: Samantha and her Dimple baby

Today’s Wahm is the maker of super cute baby clothing range Dimple Baby.
I asked the beautiful Samantha Gardner how she handles a baby and a booming business from home and here is what she had to say…


Tell us about your family?
My family did not start out as the typical … first comes love, then comes marriage,  then comes the baby in the golden carriage type of  family. But rather, baby, love then marriage.  My fiance and I will be wed in April 2016 and i love my little family.
Why did you become a work from home mom?
 I was unemployed, attending multiple interviews when I found out I was pregnant. Once my little boy was 3 months old,  I started searching for work again. The fashion industry didn’t seem to take kindly to me having a small child. So I decided and with the emotional backing of my now amazing fiance, I was able to fulfil my dream of owning my own kids clothing label. I was so grateful that I could be with my son and not rely on others.
What was the most unexpected part of becoming a wahm?
That feeling of not doing enough for your child. I mean, why are you at home? Because your child needs you. But so does your business. Find a balance.  I incorporate my son into my marketing, so we then share special  mommy and me time and he loves the camera.
What has been the hardest part ?
Money doesn’t grow on trees. You invest so much up front that when sales are slow, you panic. I realized that I needed to give myself and my business time. Start up businesses are not always over night successes. Believe in your product. Target the right market.
What is the most rewarding?
 The most rewarding is having my son sit with me while I work and watch his face light up when he sees and feels my different fabrics. That if he cries, I can comfort him. If he’s happy or feeling sick,  I can share those moments with him.
What is your day like?
Wake up, feed baby. While he has his nap i will ensure I get dressed and ready to tackle the day. Once he wakes I usually spend time reading or playing with various toys. Or these days we practice our crawling capabilities. Once he’s fed, he will sleep in which time I get to do some work. Daddy  takes over some nights then mommy goes to gym. If not, then it’s dinner duty, bath and dress baby, feed baby and put baby to sleep.  Tuesday and Thursday are a bit different as we attend mom and baby groups together.  Great for socialising mom and baby. It does get lonely at home sometimes.
Tell us about your business 
Dimple baby and kids clothing started as a dream. It soon became reality when my little baby smiled at me one day and one little dimple appeared on his beautiful face. He is my inspiration, my joy, my dimple baby. Dimple is all about functional fashion for little ones. Babies explore their new world and they like to do it as comfortably and as fashionably as possible. And well,  to make our jobs as mom’s slightly easier too. I see Dimple dressing many a fashionable baby in years to come. Dimple is designed by a mom for her baby and well,  mom’s know best.


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