Story book crafts: Mad hats, a kid could make

Today’s story book craft is Alice in Wonderland and it follows on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Cinderella, I decided to turn it into a “mom and me” activity so Aidan and I made hats for a mad hatter party… It is a super easy craft, perfect for a craft party or school project, Aidan did his with minimal help and he is only two… it’s THAT easy

The final product; mine is super girly and Aidan’s used to have have eyes, because I’m told it’s a monster hat

What you need… a paper plate, a paper glass, paper and things to decorate with
 (that is Aidan’s craft box)

Cut the paper plate smaller to act as a brim

Stick cup onto plate…Aidan is using press stick to do it, tape is easier, but he can’t handle that yet

You will have this,

Cover cup and plate with coloured paper
(you can use material if you need this hat to be seen at a adult party or so)

Tie paper down until you end up with this
(For a kids craft party you can do all the steps until here yourself 
Our pre-decorated hats

DECORATE! Aidan used crayons and stickers,  I used paper doilies and washi tape
Final product, how adorable ๐Ÿ™‚ 

This is a super easy craft to do with your kids pop over to see what the other bloggers did…


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