Make a snow-less snowball fight kit

I made a snowball kit and it’s a blast! I love making gifts for Aidan. I love that it’s something only he has and that I can put extra love into it without breaking the bank. He has a thing for hand made presents, he gets super excited “You made that just for me”Β so I’m going to exploit that while I can (before he wants the latest consoles and things)

Last year I made him STOCKING FILLERS which were really quick and easy and lasted him most of the year.

He has a thing for the movie Frozen (That craze just isn’t dying out hey) but all the frozen toys are either ridiculously girly or ridiculously pricey and although I don’t limit him when it comes to WHAT HE PLAYS WITH Β I thought why not go out of the box and make him something “frozen related” instead. So I came up with this snow ball fight kit.

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“First Christmas” ornaments for kid to make

So it’s Aidan’s first Christmas, no I’m not suffering from amnesia, I know he is almost three and we haven’t only recently become Christian, so that statement is technically false… It’s his first Christmas in the sense that it is the first time he is able to understand and verbalise his interest in Christmas.

He is mesmerized by the trees and dΓ©cor in the shops and he is very interested in the story of Christmas which makes it the perfect time to share our beliefs with him.

Rob and I believe in God and our spiritual relationship is very important to us but we also believe that there are many ways to serve God (no one way is the only and ultimate-don’t stone me for that, thanks) and for that reason we research and respect other religions and want to share that belief with our kid.

Even so, we believe it is very important to share the story of the birth of Christ with Aidan so I’m desperately looking at ways to share this with him in a fun informative way.

He is a deep thinker and I do not want to confuse him. He already asked “Why does Father Christmas bring presents and not the wise men like in the story”… so ja, there’s that – he is tricking me up at the age of 2 people!!!

Here are some Christmas Crafts I found on the net… I’m considering doing one for every night of advent (because I’m high) a little ornament every night is sure to go down well with my little crafter and next year I will try this ADVENT STORY which seems amazing πŸ™‚


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