Make a snow-less snowball fight kit

I made a snowball kit and it’s a blast! I love making gifts for Aidan. I love that it’s something only he has and that I can put extra love into it without breaking the bank. He has a thing for hand made presents, he gets super excited “You made that just for me” so I’m going to exploit that while I can (before he wants the latest consoles and things)

Last year I made him STOCKING FILLERS which were really quick and easy and lasted him most of the year.

He has a thing for the movie Frozen (That craze just isn’t dying out hey) but all the frozen toys are either ridiculously girly or ridiculously pricey and although I don’t limit him when it comes to WHAT HE PLAYS WITH  I thought why not go out of the box and make him something “frozen related” instead. So I came up with this snow ball fight kit.


YOU NEED: Scissors and wool, I found this pretty white and blue for pretty cheap
The thicker the wool the fluffier the snowball – why are those scissors rusted, hmmm


Wrap wool around your hand 100+ times the more times the fluffier the ball


Slip off your hand and pinch the middle


Tie an extra piece of wool to form a bow type shape


Cut through the sides


Trim your ball into a nice round shape


Do this many many times, hehehe


Then make/buy/find/steal a pretty bag.
Fill with your snowballs 🙂


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